7 Places To Visit On Your BVI Day Boat Charter

September 9, 2023
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Did you know that more than 20 islands in the BVI are uninhabited? Imagine yourself on a yacht in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Here, every wave whispers a new adventure. The sun warms your skin. The sea breeze tousles your hair. What a lifetime experience. It’s a chance to enjoy a gentle breeze carrying the promise of adventure.

Welcome to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Aboard a BVI Day Boat Charter, you’re not just navigating the waves but embracing a collaboration of nature’s finest. Ensure you make the right moves-visit the right site, and you’ll leave to appreciate your decision. Here are some places that are sure to give your lifetime memories.

1. Virgin Gorda’s Baths

It’s an adventure, anyway. So, start right. The Virgin Gorda’s baths are nature’s sculptural masterpiece. There is no better place to start your yacht charter BVI adventure than here. This site is enchanting. It includes colossal borders which have a natural arrangement. You won’t be wrong to claim that nature arranged its sculptures.

The result of this natural arrangement is an amusing landscape filled with grottoes and pools. Remember to wander through this geological marvel until you reach Devil’s Bay Beach. Devil’s Bay Beach is an untouched haven.

It features crystal-clear waters. Just the look of the waters invites you to snorkel. And if swimming is your anytime fun activity, there is something for you here. It will be life-changing to immerse yourself in the waters as you embrace the wild.

2. Sandy Spit

If you’re a historian, you can remember that Hurricane Irma almost wiped out the Sandy Split. Fortunately, it didn’t. The uninhabited islet in the BVI sits midway between Green Cay and Sandy Cay. Its size is less than an acre, but the adventure it will offer you is immeasurable. Sandy Spit appears like a desert island. It has a sandy bottom that makes anchoring easy.

The island is home to the crested anole. You will also have a chance to see the big-scaled least gecko. The Sandy Spit is a jackpot win if you want to unveil tranquility. Everything from the natural beauty to the serenity of the oasis is enjoyable. It shall be heavenly to experience the powdery sands and meet some turquoise waters. You could also choose to stroll along the shoreline.

If simplicity matters the most to you, you’ll also enjoy the simple relish of the island’s peaceful atmosphere.

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3. Norman Islands

Don’t end your adventure before you explore Norman Island’s mysterious caves. These caves are rumored to have inspired the tales of pirates’ buried treasures. If you’re curious enough to dive into their depths, you’ll uncover an underwater paradise.

Corals and a bustling marine community also hide amidst the complex rock formations. This marine life transforms the caves into an aquatic sanctuary. As you sail towards the Norman Islands, a thrilling encounter awaits you with the Indians. The Indians feature majestic rocks arising from the sea.

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4. Jost Van Dyke

At Jost Van Dyle, you can make endless cheers to Island life. Here, Foxy’s Bar awaits you. It’s a legendary beach bar that reveals the Caribbean spirit. After long hours of fun around the British Virgin Islands, it’s time to raise your glass to the lively atmosphere.

Raise a glass to live music. Enjoy painkiller cocktails and celebrate every moment of island life.

5. Peter Island’s White Bay

At Peter’s Island white bay, there is a sunset to embrace. So, anchor at White Bay on Peter Island. Enjoy being a witness to a sunset that’s nothing short of enchanting. Enjoy the soft sands beneath your feet. Wade into the gentleness of the waves. Let yourself loose. Make it a moment of reflection.

Allow yourself to immerse in the beauty of nature’s beauty. It shall be therapeutic, no doubt.

6. Cooper Island Beach Club

An adventure to the British Virgin Islands is incomplete without a visit to the Cooper Island Beach Club. Get ready for a coastal delight and culinary. It’s a beautiful site to end a day’s voyage. You’ll be ready for all the culinary pleasures the sea offers. So dock your yacht. Step ashore and savor exquisite dishes.

Don’t hold too tight. There are a variety of dishes, so be free to sample a number. Whether you prefer fresh seafood or island-inspired creations, you’ll find them here. Every bite at the Cooper Island Beach Club celebrates flavors that perfectly complement the serenity on the ocean side.

7. Saba Rock

The Saba Rock is BVI’s precious gem. This tiny island has a big heart. Nestled between Prickly Pear Island and the Virgin Gorda, Saba Rock offers a charming resort. It has a beautiful restaurant perfect for relaxation after a day’s adventure.

Saba Rock allows you to swim with nurse sharks at the popular Saba Rock Shark Show. Make memories that will last forever as you explore all the islands’ treasures.

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As you end your BVI adventure, you’ll discover that the above seven places are not just places. They are creators of unforgettable experiences, a collection of experiences from the vibrant waters and sunlit shores. Don’t let the experience end here—let the stories live long in your heart. Tell the world what there is to experience at BVI, and plan your next adventure soon.

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