Journey For Two: Tasmania’s Most Scenic Drives For Couples

September 29, 2023

When it comes to choosing the perfect romantic getaway, couples often seek a unique blend of adventure, intimacy, and awe-inspiring views. If you are one of those couples in search of the perfect balance, Tasmania’s scenic drives offer an excellent backdrop for both romance and exploration. Best of all, you will discover an array of romantic accommodations in Tasmania that can make your journey even more memorable.

The East Coast: The Great Eastern Drive

The Great Eastern Drive promises to deliver an unforgettable experience right from the moment you set out from Hobart. This route takes you north along the A3 highway, where the beauty of Tasmania’s east coast will greet you at every twist and turn. From jaw-dropping ocean vistas to hidden beaches and charming fishing villages, the 176-kilometer drive offers endless opportunities for couples to bond. Sip some of Tasmania’s finest wines at Freycinet Vineyards, or take a romantic walk through the Bay of Fires, where fiery red rock formations meet pristine white sand beaches.

Western Wilderness: The Lyell Highway

For couples seeking the thrill of the great outdoors and the serenity of solitude, the Lyell Highway offers the best of both worlds. Starting in Derwent Bridge and ending in Queenstown, this 108-kilometer drive is your passport to Tasmania’s rugged western wilderness. As you traverse through deep forests and pass by rushing rivers and long-abandoned mining towns, you will feel as though you have entered another world. Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is another must-visit, offering couples an awe-inspiring glimpse of nature at its most grand and untouched.

The Southern Edge: The Huon Trail

For those who desire a more relaxed and intimate journey, the Huon Trail offers a wonderful opportunity. The drive starts in Hobart and winds down to Cockle Creek, covering a total distance of 214 kilometres. This region is renowned for its apple orchards and quaint cafes, making it a great choice for couples who want a slow-paced, romantic experience. If you are looking for adventure, why not paddle a canoe together on the Huon River? Or perhaps, find a secluded spot for a picnic within the beautiful Hartz Mountains National Park.

The Tamar Valley Route

Starting from Launceston and following the winding path of the Tamar River, this route serves up a rich palette of river views, historical landmarks, and vineyards. The Tamar Valley is highly acclaimed for its quality wines, making it a top destination for couples who appreciate good food and wine. You can enjoy a romantic lunch at a local winery, where the food is as captivating as the views. Attractions like Cataract Gorge, Seahorse World, and the Grindelwald Swiss Village make the drive even more worthwhile.

Bruny Island: A Hidden Gem

For those who desire an off-the-beaten-path experience, consider taking a short ferry ride from Kettering to Bruny Island. Once you arrive, you can explore the island by car, taking in its beautiful beaches, rugged cliffs, and lush forests. A trip to The Neck, a thin strip of land connecting the island’s north and south, offers panoramic views that are perfect for romantic sunset gazing. If you are a fan of local produce, Bruny Island is also renowned for its cheese, oysters, and chocolate, making it a delicious detour on your romantic road trip.

Making The Most Of Your Journey

Before you start your drive, ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition. Bring along some snacks and water to enjoy while you soak in the views. Capturing the moments on camera can make your journey unforgettable, so do not forget to pack your camera. A romantic playlist can also enhance the mood and make your drive even more enjoyable.


Whether you are driving along the breathtaking eastern coast, delving into the rugged wilderness of the west, or exploring the charming valleys of the south, Tasmania offers scenic drives that are as diverse as they are enchanting. For couples looking to deepen their connection, there is no better way to do it than by hitting the road and exploring these majestic landscapes together. And after a long day of sightseeing, what could be better than unwinding at one of Tasmania’s romantic accommodation options? Pack your bags, fuel up your car, and get ready for an unforgettable journey for two in Tasmania.

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