Best Places to Visit When Backpacking Australia

October 6, 2023

There are so many spectacular countries in the world and one country you really need to travel to is Australia.

If you want to go backpacking or take a gap year in Australia you will have one of the best times of your life. If you like the idea of doing more than just sightseeing a popular option is applying to work abroad. Thousands of people from around the world apply for working holidays every year and stay up to two years earning money and exploring the country.

There are so many places you could add to your Australia travel itinerary it becomes almost impossible to list all. There are destinations for all type of interests, from modern bustling cities to spectacular nature and scenery.

But some places are really special and really can’t be missed. Check out our list of amazing places to visit in Australia and start planning a dream trip today.

Great Barrier Reef

Australia boasts one of the biggest coral reefs in the world –  Great Barrier Reef. Situated off the coast of Queensland, this wonder stretches over 2,600 kilometres and 900 islands. The Great Barrier Reef is so huge it can be seen from space! In its vastness, the reef has numerous wildlife including turtles, dolphins, porpoises, stingrays, whales and sharks. As well as fishes and frogs, not mentioning the other small sea creatures. The Great Barrier Reef is estimated to be more than 6-8 thousand years old and it has clear waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkelling and diving.


Australia is home to various iconic cities including Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Sydney is the location of the first European settlement. The natural harbour houses Sydney Opera House as well as Sydney Harbour Bridge – some essential places to see on any Sydney itinerary. If you get the chance it is amazing to witness New Years Eve here and observe the world famous fireworks.


Tasmania is located on the southernmost tip of Australia is nicknamed as the Island of Inspiration because of its natural unspoiled beauty. It has a population of around 500,000 people and is 364km long by 306km wide. The island has many wonders including continental granites and magnificent caves. There is also the majestic Mount Wellington and quartzite formed ridges. Tasmania is known as a mountainous region with the tallest mountains in the region. Some parts of the island are heavily forested with some of the most lush rain forests in the Southern Hemisphere. On a trip here you can see beautiful nature including waterfalls and rivers. There are also lots of wildlife to be seen including the Tasmanian Tiger and Tasmanian Devils.

Barossa Valley

Australia has a wine growing region known as the Barossa Valley. The region has warm sunny climate and a diverse history. The three major towns to visit include Tanunda, Angaston and Nuriootpa. The area has fields of vines with viticulture being the main income and employment. This area produces popular wines like Yalumba, Orlando and Wolf Blass. If you love wine go here! Also checkout some and try one of 100 best date night ideas for couples.


One of the most famous and isolated places is Australia Uluru, also known as Ayres Rock. This is a huge orange rock on the magnificence Outback landscape that is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Center deep in the Australian Outback. Uluru’s circumference is 9.4 km with a staggering 348 meters from top to bottom. Its extension is approximately 1.5 miles underground. Climbing the mountain is discouraged due to respecting the culture and tradition of the local Aboriginal population. We recommend walking around its base and also trying to see Ayers Rock for sunrise and sunset where it changes colour – a beautiful experience.

Fraser Island

We couldn’t make a list of spectacular places in Australia without mentioning Fraser Island. This is the biggest sand Island in the world at 122km in size. It is a world heritage site and is part of Australia’s cultural heritage. Lots of tours and self-drive camping trips are available here where you can explore the island and take in the beautiful lakes and beaches.

There really are so many unique and special places to visit in Australia and hopefully our guide has given you some ideas of the places to see. If you have the money and time, you could spend months exploring the country. With so many locations and wonders to see you might want to book Australia tours to discover the highlights of the country for yourself.

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