Kena Tchiteya Encourages People to Show Acne-Free Skin with The Best Solution

October 26, 2022

We know that some of us need more confidence with our acne. Some even choose to stay at home longer due to insecurity. But it’s time to change since a Canadian influencer, Kena Tchiteya, has brought some of her best tips to fight acne.

Many people follow her for her high understanding of quality skincare routines that are inspiring. Of course, one needs to focus on skin nutrition and a healthy routine in general to achieve beautiful skin.

As stated in an interview, Kena said that she had tried everything she had in her mind, like doing long hours of touch up, and ended up with minimal and even no good results. And now, with her healthy routine, she wants to inspire people to accept and make the best version of themselves. Being fit and beautiful at the same time is achievable for all.

The idea of her skincare advice is to look confident all day long. In her routine, she eliminates the consumption of alcohol and fast food, which is the main reason people are troubled with acne. Back then, she had to hide her spots using a thick foundation, affecting her confidence. 

And like most people, she began asking a professional help and decided to make herself pretty with a bunch of skincare products to make the spots disappear. However, the methods didn’t work until she finally wholly gave up Mcdonald’s, alcohol, and dairy. And from that moment onwards, she realized that nutrition is as important as skincare. To achieve better results, you need to make your body healthier.

Thus, she created remedies suitable for people who are still not realized how vital nutrition-based skincare routines are. There’s nothing better than solving acne problems from within, physically and mentally. Her brand helps to promote a sustainable way to healthy skin while also highly focusing on a positive mindset to build confidence.

And now, a new app is expected in November, which is made to add value to her unique brand. In the real world, only a few brands focus on the aspects of healthy nutrition. Thus, by following her advice and throughs gained from her personal experience, people can achieve a healthier and more beautiful life.

And as mentioned before, the brand came out of its struggles and frustration when dealing with acne. Now, she continues to inspire people by sharing her advice and skin routines and treating the problem from the inside. 

If you’d like to know more about her, kindly check her TikTok.

About Kena Tchiteya

Kena Tchiteya is an influencer based in Montreal that successfully created her skincare brand by taking inspiration from her journey. She combines health and wellness into a natural solution to facial skin problems, acne especially.

In November, she will release an app to show her brand value more by delivering some tips to achieve long-term skin goals and build confidence through healthy thoughts. 

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