Why Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centers Charge A High Price?

October 7, 2023

If you have ever wondered what sets a luxury alcohol rehab program from the regular programs, then this is the right place to get your answers. The luxury program, as the name implies, is designed to provide everything from treatments to accommodation at an exuberant level. It is mostly reserved for high profile clientele like doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and celebrities. But, anyone can join the program and enjoy its benefits. Here is what sets the program a class apart from others:

You Get Personalized And Specialized Treatments

A luxury program provides the same set of treatments like a regular rehab program. But here, the patients also get to decide what kind of treatments they want. For example, in a regular program you will attend counseling sessions with the in-house psychiatrists at your scheduled timings. But, in a luxury program you can choose to call upon any psychiatrist at the hospital to provide counseling and advice whenever you want. You can even choose to stay away from the public eye by joining exclusive support group sessions. Even the therapies are given to you in private and at your own comfort.

You Get Better Amenities For Your Rehab

What makes the luxury program even more lucrative is the top-class amenities you will enjoy at the alcohol rehab facilities. You get your own private room fully furnished with all the furniture. A king size bed, table and chair to work on, access to private pools, private libraries, lounges, etc. all come with the program. You will feel like you are on a vacation while staying at the recovery center. Through the 90-day inpatient program you will be provided with any food you desire and you can have all forms of entertainment options brought to your room itself.

Get The Best Care By A Responsive Team

This alcohol rehab program also comes with your own private healthcare manager who will monitor your physical and mental health round the clock. They will be available at your beck and call 24/7. The manager will also ensure you follow through the treatment plan from start to finish. Also, the clinicians and medical professionals at the center are available to assist you any time you want. In short, in a regular program you will be treated like an executive, while in a luxury program you will be treated like a king.

Enjoy The Best Nutrition During Your Stay 

As for your nutritional needs, like we mentioned before, you will get anything you desire. It could be a medium rare steak for dinner, or a rib sandwich for breakfast, you will get it. But, the center will always monitor your food intake so you feel no discomfort during the treatment period. You can also opt for a balanced meal and the center will prepare a food table exclusively for you. The rehab center also comes to your aid whenever you need urgent care for any emergencies. So, you can relax, rest, and recuperate in peace while getting out of alcohol addiction.

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