Unleash Your Inner Boho Goddess: Practical Tips For Rocking Bohemian Braids

October 19, 2023

I love to be creative and free-spirited, therefore I am constantly looking for haircuts that go with my bohemian aesthetic. With their effortlessly elegant and romantic charm, boho braids allow me to channel my inner goddess. These braided looks combine a glamorous, statement-making vibe with a nomad mentality.

Years of experimenting with different boho braid hairstyles have led me to some useful advice for pulling these looks off flawlessly. Whether it is picking the ideal bohemian braids for your face shape or mastering styling and upkeep, my guidance will help you radiate bohemian beauty. Take a look at my advice and get ready for tons of praise the next time you show off your inner flower child!

Selecting The Right Boho Braids For You

With endless options for boho braids, choosing the right style for your look and lifestyle is key. Here are my top tips for selecting braids that complement your features beautifully:

Consider your face shape and features. Soft, wispy boho braids with curls or waves nicely soften sharper jawlines and angular faces. Those with rounder faces can opt for braids with pieces framing the face to add definition.

Match braid size to hair length and thickness. Thinner or shorter hair looks best with slimmer braids, while thick or long locks can hold larger plaits. Out-of-proportion braids risk looking too bulky or skimpy.

Choose a braid pattern that suits your time and skill level. For boho beginners, go for simple styles like two-strand twists or basic knotless braids. If you are braid-obsessed like me, explore intricate patterns like lace braids or fishtails.

Do not overlook color! Dyeing your boho braids allows you to get really creative. Vivid ombré, chunky highlights, or rainbow hues let your carefree personality shine.

The right boho braids can make you look and feel amazing. Follow your inner muse to pick a style that celebrates your distinctive flair.

Perfecting Your Boho Braiding Technique

The technique is key to creating lovely, long-lasting boho braids. To achieve the ideal boho braids, follow these steps:

Use clips to divide your product-free, clean hair into even sections. Braids can be made neater and tighter with smaller parts.

To give texture and grip for braiding, apply styling cream. This helps tame unkempt hair.

First braids should be secured with a tight knot near the scalp. This gives your braid a solid anchor.

As you work, keep the braid tension consistent. Braids maintain their neat, perfect appearance with consistent tension.

Seal braid ends with elastic bands, acrylic beads, or metal cuffs to finish the boho look. This prevents unraveling.

Take your time and keep sections moisturized as you braid. Rushing leads to sloppiness you will regret later!

Perfectly prepped and installed boho braids should feel secure and sit neatly against your scalp. Though it takes diligence, flawless braiding technique is worth the effort.

Caring For Your Boho Braids

Preserving your boho braids helps maintain their beauty between appointments. Here are my top care tips:

Gently wash braids 1-2 times per week, massaging the scalp with fingertips to prevent buildup. Use minimal, braid-safe shampoo.

Apply braid spray daily to replenish moisture and reduce frizz, twisting hairs back into place as needed.

Sleep with a satin bonnet or pillowcase to minimize friction that can loosen braids overnight.

Avoid overmanipulating braids. Limit brushing, use your fingers to style, and wear low-tension styles to prevent damage.

Schedule occasional touch-ups with your stylist to trim loose ends and re-braid escaped pieces. This preserves a polished look.

Once braids start to look tatty, take them out while continuing to maintain your hair. If you leave them in too long, they could break.

Your bohemian braids may retain their beauty and soul if you use the right technique and care. Love these carefree goddess locks!

Styling Your Boho Braids – From Day To Night

The styling versatility of boho braids is one of its best features. It’s simple to change your appearance for any situation:

Daytime/Casual: For a relaxed daytime vibe, wear braids loose with minimal accessories, just adding delicate jewelry like cutout hoops, layered necklaces, or stackable rings.

Work: Contain braids in a low bun or ponytail for a professional touch, coupled with polished stud earrings and a blazer for the office. Or frame your face with braided pieces and sweep the rest into a low-side pony.

Date Night: Amp up the romance with braids styled half-up, half-down. Intertwine ribbon through your plaits and finish with statement chandelier earrings.

Festival: Embrace the funky free spirit of boho braids at concerts or festivals. Highlight braids with brightly colored extensions and weave in suede cords or cuffs.

Wedding: For bohemian bridal flair, adorn a loose, flowing braid with fresh or silk flowers. Finished with a flower crown, it’s fairy tale perfection.

With strategic styling, you can make your boho braids work for any occasion, from Coachella to the courthouse. Unleash your creative energy and let these styles reflect your mood.

Accessorizing Your Boho Braids

No boho braid look is complete without the perfect accents and accessories. Here are fun finishing touches to accentuate your goddess locks:

Headbands: From simple fabric wraps to ornate metallic headpieces, headbands add a quick style boost. Choose coordinating or contrasting colors to make your braids pop.

Hair Pins: Dot braids with glinting hair pins in pleasing patterns. Dotting pins through your braid “grid” creates artistic flair.

Cuffs: Metal, leather, or beaded cuffs slipped over braid ends give an instant edgy touch. Stack multiples on a few accent braids for impact.

Jewelry: Take boho literally with nature-inspired jewelry like carved wood beads, geodes, agate, turtle shells or feathers. Layer with abandon!

Scarves: Weave colorful silk or cotton scarves into braids or tie them around the crown for a whimsical effect. Pick bright prints that play off your hair hue.

Flowers: Fresh blooms like daisies give an ethereal, romantic vibe. For music festivals, bright silk flowers add eye-catching color.

Do not be afraid to pile on the bohemian-inspired accessories. This is one look that thrives when you dare to go dramatically bold!

Finding The Right Stylist For Your Boho Braids

Trusting your tresses to create the perfect boho braids requires finding a stylist that truly understands the artistry involved. Here is how to choose the right braid pro:

Look for specialists in bohemian styles like knotless braids, fishtail twists, crochet braids, and waterfall braids. This shows their creative prowess.

Check stylist reviews and ask for referrals from friends with fab boho braids. First-hand experiences speak volumes.

To make sure the stylist gets your concept, go over your lifestyle and show inspiration photographs to them during a consultation.

Ask questions about the stylist’s technique – this ensures they take proper care in sectioning, braiding, and sealing braids for longevity.

Observe the stylist’s work on other clients for neatness, consistency, and style execution that fits your preferences.

Your nostalgic visions of a bohemian braid will come true with the correct braider. They will pay great attention to what you have to say, apply their knowledge, and skillfully convey your ideas with artistic flair. Find a stylist who you vibe with by doing your homework, do not be afraid to ask for help.

Tips For Braid Maintenance Between Appointments

To keep your boho braids looking fab between appointments, a little TLC goes a long way. Here are my top tips for you:

Gently wash braids 1-2x per week using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to prevent buildup and itching as hair grows out.

Avoid overmanipulating braids by limiting brushing. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase and loosely tie hair in a scarf or bonnet at night. This prevents friction that can loosen braids.

Mist braids with water, then seal in moisture with argan, coconut, or jojoba oil to reduce frizz and dryness as hair grows out.

Spot-treat problem areas like braid ends or hairlines using edge control gel to smooth and eliminate flyaways.

Schedule occasional touch-ups with your stylist to get stray hairs re-braided and make minor pattern adjustments as your hair grows out.

As I shared my tips and tricks for rocking bohemian braids, I was reminded of FANCIVIVI, a brand that truly understands the artistry of braided styles. As a fellow braid lover, I came across FANCIVIVI while exploring options for quality synthetic wigs to allow me to change up my look on a whim.

I was immediately impressed by its extensive catalog catering to us free-spirited gals. All my favorite boho braids were there – from knotless fishtails to goddess locs dripping with curls. It offers lengths, colors, and patterns to match any taste or mood. As someone who views her hair as a form of self-expression, I appreciate the versatility.

Beyond the diversity of styles, I could tell care went into the construction of its wigs. The adjustable straps and breathable lace fronts provide comfort and security when wearing the wigs for long periods. And the premium synthetic fibers feel lush while resisting tangling – perfect for maintaining the intricacy of boho braids.

FANCIVIVI allows stylish black women like me to embrace our wild side through braided locks. Their wigs make it easy to flaunt artistic, whimsical styles that reflect our spirit. For black women seeking to unleash their inner boho goddess, it offers quality wigs that honor the heritage of braided beauty. With their catalog, you can rock those Coachella braids every day of the week!

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