How To Properly Scan Your Collectible Pokemon Cards

October 20, 2023

Beginning in the late 1990s, the Pokemon phenomenon has captured the imagination of millions of people throughout the world. Not only does this create a community of people interested in the franchise’s video gaming and trading card aspects, but it also imparts some potential for value when it comes to collecting these attractive cards. Some cards sell for thousands of dollars. For this reason, it makes sense to protect your cards and preserve their value. 

Keep Your Collection Safe

Aside from any monetary value the cards hold, you likely have a strong connection to your cards. Therefore, finding ways to keep the cards safe and in excellent shape becomes a high priority. A Pokemon card scanner provides a solid option for accomplishing your goals. The general process remains relatively simple and follows a few important steps:

  • Choose an appropriate app 
  • Place the card on a neutral background and scan
  • Make sure the process does not damage the cards
  • Create a virtual representation of each card
  • Tag each card with relevant information

Through this process, you now have a digital ideal of each card, which makes it perfect for showing to other collectors and aficionados of Pokemon culture. You also cut down on wear and tear of the cards and eliminate contact with dust, dirt, sunlight and other substances that could harm the cards.

In the case of automotive scanners, you can also enjoy other capabilities with these handy devices. This allows you to digitize hundreds of documents and store them in an easy-to-access manner. Quality scanners can save you money on paper costs and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a task. This also gives you a way to streamline data retrieval so that documents such as cards and other collectibles remain just a keystroke or two away.

TCGplayer App

Whether you use a large format scanner or another piece of hardware, you should look for a solution that meets your needs and budget. As the most commonly used app to scan Pokemon cards, the TCGplayer app has many advantages:

  • Free to use
  • Impressive scanner function
  • Flexible and intuitive
  • Excellent organization

No matter what process you decide on to scan your collectibles, you might want to keep a few proven principles in mind. Make sure you select the optimal settings to get the best image possible. Keep informed of how much storage space you use, especially if you have a large collection of cards. Use a consistent naming or identification process so you can find the stored items quickly.

The Pokemon game has enough complexity that it keeps people interested for years. This explains why the desire to collect these trading cards has endured for nearly three decades now, and also why some collectors are eager to pay high prices for well-protected cards free of blemishes.

Whether you are just beginning your collection or if you have many cards, you should probably look into a strategy that protects your investment. The right scanning solution will pay dividends now and into the future.

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