Best 5 Apparel Clothing Wholesale Suppliers – Pick Quality For Your Boutique

January 4, 2024

Are you wondering where to find the best apparel for your boutique? Our guide on the best 5 apparel clothing wholesale suppliers is designed for boutique owners who seek quality and style. 

Our list has suppliers who prioritize not just quantity but also the essence of fashion and exceptional inventory. From chic urban vibes to bohemian elegance, these suppliers bless your shelves with fashion-forward pieces. It’s time to enhance your boutique’s charm with quality and style. 

Best 5 Apparel Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

If you’re a boutique owner looking for a reliable and stylish apparel wholesale supplier, we help you here. Check our best B2B clothing suppliers list. 


Shewin is a top apparel clothing wholesale supplier for boutiques. They have a variety of stylish and quality products, offering affordable options for worldwide retailers.

The company offers a diverse range of clothing styles, from casual to formal. Their collection includes various things from tops to dresses and bottoms, outerwear to wholesale shoes. They try to fulfill different customer preferences and style needs. Shewin’s designs are constantly updated to reflect the latest fashion trends; they always make sure that their customers have access to the most current and in-demand clothing items. But what sets Shewin apart from the competition? It’s not just about trendy and hottest designs and rock-bottom prices (although they have both of those in spades!). It’s about their unique business model that caters to the specific needs of boutique owners. 

Shewin completely understands the boutiques’ needs; that’s why they offer smaller minimum order quantities, which allow you to stock a variety of styles and check the new ones without breaking the bank. They also have a flexible return policy, so you can easily exchange or return items that don’t sell.

Its flexible ordering system allows customers to mix and match different styles and sizes within a single order. They also offer customization options for bulk orders, like adding private labels and tags. It helps boutique owners to create their own unique brand easily. They also offer fast and reliable shipping so retailers can quickly get their new inventory on the boutiques.

Shewin is committed to ethical and sustainable practices in its manufacturing process. They follow strict quality control measures and use environmentally friendly materials, to make sure that their products are not only fashionable but also produced responsibly.


Hailing from the U.S., FashionTIY stands tall as one of the premier bulk clothing suppliers, catering to fashionistas and business owners alike. But beyond the basics, FashionTIY’s true strength lies in its diverse and ever-evolving style categories. From edgy “Urban Streetwear” with graphic tees to bohemian charm in the “Bohemian Chic” section, FashionTIY caters to diverse tastes with trendy and swoon-worthy pieces.

But FashionTIY isn’t only famous for its eye-catching styles but also for its advantages to boutiques. Their champion low minimum order quantities (MOQs) make it a good choice for small to large retailers. Moreover, their private label program allows you to customize garment tags and labels, building brand recognition with every purchase. Their competitive pricing structure with frequent flash sales and discounts enhances your business growth without sacrificing style and money.


Based in New Zealand, SaleHoo stands out as a great supplier of women’s clothing. It’s a haven for boutique owners seeking trendy, high-quality apparel at competitive prices. With a diverse range of clothing lines spanning casual basics, chic evening wear, and everything in between, SaleHoo caters to a multitude of boutique aesthetics. Whether you’re a boho queen or a minimalist maven, their curated collections offer something for every taste.

SaleHoo’s unique business model eliminates middleman markups, directly connecting boutiques with trusted international manufacturers. This results in cost savings, enabling competitive pricing and higher profit margins. With low minimum order quantities, boutiques can experiment with styles and avoid excess inventory. SaleHoo’s user-friendly platform simplifies sourcing through a powerful search engine, detailed product descriptions, and real-time inventory updates, allowing boutique owners to focus on running a fabulous business.


BrandsGateway is another good wholesale supplier of apparel clothing. They specialize in authentic designer clothing from over 100 big brands, from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana, and Michael Kors. Their extensive catalog has not only apparel but other stuff from footwear and bags to accessories and more at affordable prices. They help boutiques curate a complete luxury experience for their customers. 

But BrandsGateway isn’t just about big names. Their true advantage lies in their flexible business model. You can choose dropshipping, where they handle inventory and fulfillment and make you free to focus on sales and branding. The second one is traditional wholesale, where you manage stock and shipping.

On both options, the retailers get competitive pricing, low minimum order quantities, and a convenient pick-and-mix system that lets them personalize their selection according to their boutique’s niche. Moreover, the 7-day return policy and fast global shipping are other best things about it. 

Alpha Apparel:

Alpha Apparel is another clothing supplier, which provides a wide range of stylish clothing options for boutiques. They focus on high-quality apparel at competitive prices. From chic dresses to everyday wear, Alpha Apparel offers diverse styles to meet every boutique’s needs. They also have special occasion clothing, such as wedding and prom dresses.

What sets Alpha Apparel apart is its unique business model. Unlike traditional wholesalers, they offer a direct-to-consumer approach, letting retailers buy inventory at factory prices. With low minimum orders, fast shipping, and excellent customer service, Alpha Apparel makes it easy for boutiques to stock up on trendy merchandise.


Choose quality and elevate your boutique. In our journey through the best 5 apparel clothing wholesale suppliers, the key takeaway is to prioritize excellence. It’s time to transform your boutique into a haven of style and quality with premium fabrics on-trend styles, and unmatched craftsmanship.

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