Three Do’s And Don’ts When Switching Your Business Energy Provider In Australia

February 5, 2024

Switching energy providers in Australia as a business can be downright challenging. From navigating the energy market to comparing energy brokers, there is a lot to go over. Nevertheless, many ignore some obvious do’s and don’ts and end up making wrong decisions. This post discusses three vital dos and don’ts for a befitting energy procurement deal for your business.

Do Your Homework Comparing Energy Plans And Providers

Switching your business energy provider in Australia is crucial and calls for thorough research and understanding. Start with a list of energy providers close to your business area and the plans on offer. It is natural to feel overwhelmed with varying rates, contract terms, and other benefits. So, take your time to review each of them and schedule an initial consultation call to understand how they operate. For most businesses, cost savings and environmental sustainability are a priority. So, you must choose a provider who can deliver on those lines. Also, ask for the list of clients they are currently working with to understand their market reach.

Do Understand The Terms and Conditions In Detail

Understanding the fine print is imperative before signing an energy procurement plan for your business. Besides other focus areas, pay special attention to fields like contract duration, billing methods, and additional charges and exit fees. A comprehensive idea of such issues will put you in a better position and help you avoid unexpected expenses. You should always trust established players in the market for a better service. Take AGL, for instance, a seasoned energy broker trusted by small and medium businesses alike. The company has coined a niche with easy-to-access information and transparent pricing.

Do Evaluate Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are a gateway to valuable insights about the quality of service from an energy provider. However, do not fall blindly for online reviews. Instead, refer to the company’s current clientele and connect with people in the company to know the exact situation. Besides, you must pay attention to both positive and negative feedback.

The most significant factors to consider are accuracy in billing, customer service, customised plans, and satisfaction level. Websites like are a trusted resource. Also, check Google My Business, where clients and customers provide real-time reviews.

Now that you know the obvious things you should be doing, let us look at some of the things you should not be doing.

Do Not Forget To Notify Your Current Energy Provider

Once you have made a final decision to make a switch, it is necessary to notify the same to your current energy provider. Failing to do so can result in unexpected bills or complications in the future. Usually, energy providers follow a switch-over model to allow changing energy providers seamlessly. We recommend businesses follow the same for a hassle-free experience.

Do Not Rush The Decision

Switching energy providers is an important business decision. So, take your time deciding because you will need this long-term. The best way is to approach your new energy provider and determine their client onboarding model. You can also ask them for resources to help you in this transition.

Do Not Ignore Energy Efficiency Measures 

While the main reason to switch energy providers is to save money, it is also essential to consider energy efficiency. Simple things like sealing drafts, using energy-efficient appliances, and modifying usage habits can make a significant difference.

Final Thoughts 

According to the Australian Energy Update 2023 report, the total energy consumption is down by 0.1 per cent, the lowest in 10 years and 7% below the peak. Besides, residential and commercial energy consumption is up by 3%. That makes it even more crucial to weigh the factors and choose your business energy provider wisely.

Hence, switching your energy provider in Australia is an important strategy for a business. However, you must not rush things and take time to research and compare providers before the final call. While it makes sense to prioritise cost optimisation, businesses should focus on the big picture for a satisfactory experience. 

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