Welcoming Mental Health Changes in 2024

February 8, 2024

“This is a broken generation.” We’ve heard the elderly say this before. Backed up by their claim that our generation has gone weak, a small inconvenience can make someone’s life more miserable than it actually is. A painful situation can lead to someone’s funeral. Or even judge the youth on how they carry the weight of expectations on their backs. I think it’s about time to bring about a lasting revolution in how people perceive strength. Once and for all, see mental health as the key to a progressive, compassionate society.

The Pandemic’s Mental Toll

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have experienced a roller coaster of emotions. The downs, more than the ups, made them lose interest in everything. Fear, worry, and hopelessness engulfed us. COVID wasn’t just some monster that targeted our physiological aspects; it also negatively impacted our mentality. The fear of losing a loved one, being infected and carrying the long-running disease, not being able to perform well academically or in the corporate world, losing touch with our loved ones, and not being able to enjoy activities that we used to love. This greatly caused mass mental chaos; it was a nightmare.

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite the darkness hovering worldwide, hope is still in sight. The pandemic is also a blessing in disguise. It made us see what’s important, appreciate life more, and restore humanity. Most importantly, it made the public aware of the changes in how we should deal with mental health.

How Can We Better Deal with Mental Health in 2024?

Be Kind

We don’t know the war going on inside other people’s heads. And we are all trying our best for ourselves, our family, and our dreams. Let’s cut one another slack and just wish them well. Apart from perceiving this as an outward effort, it’s also a green light for you to give credit to yourself. You trying to recover from the pains of the past is already enough. No one’s limiting you from working as hard as you can, but never forget to give yourself a butterfly hug every once in a while.

Avoid Comparison

This can easily steal your happiness. Know that we all have different paths. Walk yours and take inspiration from what others are doing. It’s way more rewarding than feeling envious of the things that you don’t have.

Be Physically Healthy

It builds confidence, and it’s scientifically proven that if you have a healthy body, you’re less likely to experience depression. Have enough rest and sleep; running a mile or doing some pushups will do too. Science says that when we contract our muscles, it releases happy hormones. How cool is that?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Remember you never have to be afraid to ask for help. Adult therapists and teen counselors exist to help you work through the complicated path we call life. Therapy no longer carries the stigma it once had and it’s important to lean on the help of professionals when you need it.

Have Strong Faith

Have strong faith. We can be easily swayed by our emotions if we don’t have a strong foundation. Our minds should always be rooted in the absolute truth—God. Because our mind isn’t right all the time, sometimes it is to blame for our growing self-doubt and sadness. But our relationship with God can ease all the pain in our hearts. Only he is capable of igniting the joy that no one or anything can ever take away.

A New Perspective on Strength

Each generation has its own flaws, so we can’t say that “our generation is broken.” We can only learn from our past and do our best to never make the same mistakes again. Instead of blaming the youth for being weak, let’s appreciate them for showing vulnerability and transparency about what’s been concealed for decades. Openness—that is strength. And start molding them to be strong—not through violence and a dogmatic approach but rather by compassion. Normalize mental health as an important key to a high-functioning society.


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