Which Golf Courses Offer Unique Experiences?

February 9, 2024

You pack your car, arrive at the course, play a round, get a drink with friends, and then drive home again. It doesn’t take long for even the most enthusiastic golf player to grow tired of the same routine. Sometimes you just yearn for something more, something more exciting during a golf trip. Let’s explore some of the unique experiences that can breathe new life into golf for you and your friends.

Night Golf: Playing Under the Stars

Picture yourself teeing off under a starry sky, with only moonlight as your guide. Pretty stellar, huh? Night golf is gaining popularity among enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable experience that’s par for the course. Playing at night adds an extra challenge, as the lack of natural light tees up some mind games. And let’s not forget the magical atmosphere under those twinkling stars – it’s a hole-in-one for a truly unforgettable round of golf.

Remember that not all Polk County golf courses will offer this experience because they don’t have the facilities. No floodlights means that you’ll be searching for your ball for an hour after every drive. Choose a course that has the right lighting and specializes in night experiences.

Extreme Golf: Taking It to the Next Level

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Try extreme golf. Play on top of a glacier or tee off from a helicopter. It takes golf to a whole new level. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the thrill-seekers. Unforgettable and thrilling, extreme golf is a challenge worth taking on. This suggestion is more to get the heart pumping as a one-off experience rather than something you’ll find in a single course.

Golf and Safari: A Memorable Combination

Imagine swinging your arms back for a legendary drive only to catch the head of a distant giraffe out of the corner of your eye. What could be wilder and more exhilarating than teeing off amidst majestic wildlife? Combining golf with a safari lets you experience both adventures in one swing. Picture yourself hitting a shot while elephants stroll by or spotting a lion on the fairway. Talk about a roar deal. While this may not be possible at every course in the world, there are some amazing destinations that offer this unforgettable combination.

Games and Tournaments

Fun tournaments can make golf fun again, especially if you get your children and family involved. Playing a round of golf focused on laughter and enjoyment, rather than the score, can lead to an absolutely tee-rific experience. Spice things up with games like “worst ball” or “best ball” to keep it interesting. And for those feeling competitive, why not swing into a mini-golf tournament? With unique themes and obstacles, mini-golf courses offer a whole lot of fun and a putt-ential challenge. Imagine hitting your finest drive and hitting an inflatable on the fairway to send it off on an unexpected trajectory.

The sport is golf, the experience is up to you. Try something new to make golf fun this year and look for courses that offer something unique and unexpected!

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