Travel Smarter: A Guide On Using Custom Passes For Your Adventures

May 16, 2024

According to Bag Tags, Inc., custom event passes are so much more than access to a particular event. For however long the attendees use them, they are an extension of that person. 

The passes are also a reflection of the event, a miniature memento designed with consideration of the theme, color scheme, and attendees. Knowing how to pull together the individual ideas for the custom passes can help you create a concept worth showing off at any event.

Come up with a plan

There is a big difference between the concept of the custom passes and their execution. You have a lot of choices, but don’t stress — it is actually a lot of fun. 

Let your creativity flourish! It is all about mixing and matching various elements until you come up with a configuration that is everything you could have hoped for.

Before starting, evaluate your design options, such as the available sizes, layouts, and colors. Keep toying with the overall look of the passes until you come up with one or more options that would be fantastic for the event. Then, narrow down your selections until you determine your favorite. 

Customize them for any event

One of the biggest benefits of custom event passes is that they are ideal for a variety of events, including (but not limited to) concerts, corporate gatherings, food festivals, family reunions, and industry nights. 

They are also typically waterproof. So, whether the custom pass is used on a rainy or sunny day, or maybe it accidentally gets wet while the wearer is washing their hands, it likely will not disintegrate or get damaged. 

Choose a preferred size

Custom passes are available in a variety of sizes. One of the most important considerations when choosing a size is what could be most convenient for the attendees. 

For instance, if the attendees are instructed to wear the custom badges at all times on a lanyard or clipped onto clothing, any size badge could do. However, do they have the option of hanging their pass on a lanyard, clipping it onto their clothes, slipping it into their bag or pocket, or putting it in their wallet? 

In that case, you may want to opt for smaller sizes that allow versatility. Smaller sizes can accommodate any carrying option, whereas large sizes likely might not fit in spaces like a wallet or pocket.

Consider your lanyards

Speaking of lanyards, if you have decided you want them, include them in the design concept. Think of them as an extension of the custom event passes. They are usually available in solid colors with no writing or designs. But you can make it even more exciting when you get them customized with anything from your company name to your business slogan.

Black is a versatile option that can go with practically any custom pass color scheme. If you go with a color, opt for hues that complement the colors in the event pass. Focus on the pass first, then move on to the lanyards.

Practical lanyard sizes are about ¾” wide or 1” and ½”. Add optional buckles or safety releases to make them even more luxurious.

Suggest keeping the passes as keepsakes 

Holding onto your custom event pass is wonderful for commemorating your attendance. You could frame it, display it as-is, put it in a souvenir box, or place it in a scrapbook. The flat, small structure of the pass makes it ideal to display or store in multiple ways. 

Include relevant information

Did you know a custom pass can include a range of information relevant to an event? For instance, you can include anything from a schedule of events to must-have phone numbers. This can be huge for helping attendees stay organized while ensuring you play a part in them having a fantastic event experience.

One key thing to keep in mind should you want to include relevant information is to keep it as concise as possible. Only include necessary details that could be useful to all or most attendees. For example, include a schedule of happenings and their corresponding start/stop times, but avoid including a summary of each event. 

Think about attendee names

There are two options to consider if you want to have attendee names on the custom passes. The first is to have the names printed on the individual attendee passes, while the other is to opt for passes that feature a writable surface where they can write their own names. 

Both are great options, but if you want to be 100% certain that the names are completely clear and legible, having them printed on the passes could be the better choice of the two. 

Begin your planning for your pass

It is amazing what a piece of flat plastic can accomplish. One of the best ways to make the most of creating your custom event pass is to plan early. The more time you give yourself for the planning and execution stages, the higher the chances you (and the attendees) will be satisfied with the finished results.

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