Do Wall Lights Have To Match Ceiling Lights

May 23, 2024

Lighting fixtures are one of the most crucial elements of interior decor. So, if you are planning to renovate your home, the following questions might pop up in your mind:

  • Do I have to match wall lights with ceiling lights?
  • Can I mix different types of light fixtures with varying designs?
  • What If I don’t find matching lights to complement my room’s interior decor?

In this blog, we will answer all these questions so you can have a basic guide to start working on your light fixtures.

Is It Necessary To Match Different Types Of Light Fixtures?

No! You do not have to match different light fixtures in a single room to make your interior decor shine. 

Even if you mix different types of wall lights and ceiling lights, as long as the lights complement each other and harmonize with the room, they can still work.

Sure, it will take some effort to find the right mix. But mixing light fixtures with different designs will give you more room to experiment and see what kind of lights suit your room the best.

Of course, if the matching ceiling and wall light work well in your room, you can choose this option. But as you know, finding matching pairs is difficult. Moreover, the matching pair you find might not look well in all of your rooms.

So, do not stress about finding matching pairs. Your focus should be on finding a pair of light fixtures that can mix well and elevate the beauty of your interior decor.

Tips To Mix Wall Lights With Ceiling Lights If You Cannot Match Them

As we have mentioned earlier, if you cannot find matching lights, mixing lights with different designs can work too. However, to make it work, you need to follow these tips:

  1. Find Traits That Make Two Different Lights Compliment Each Other

Are you planning to mix two different kinds of ceiling and wall lights? That is a great choice. However, you must make sure that the lights can coordinate with each other to create a harmonious and vibrant atmosphere.

Focus on the shape, size, and colors of the lights to see if they complement each other.

In short, even if you pick lights with two different designs and shapes, their aesthetic traits must coordinate with each other to make your room’s interior design shine.

  1. Find The Right Balance To Mix Different Types Of Ceiling And Wall Lights

Did you find the correct ratio of ceiling lights and wall lights to make your room look good? 

For example, choosing X number of type A ceiling lights might need Y number of type B wall lights. But if you choose a similar number of type C ceiling lights, you might need Z number of type C wall lights to make the fixtures complement each other.

Make sure that the ratio of ceiling and wall lights in the mix is right, depending on the room’s type and size.

  1. Do Not Forget About The Lights’ Main Function In A Rush To Match Aesthetics

You want to make your rooms look good. We understand that. But you should not forget about the main function of the lights, which is to illuminate your rooms, in a rush to match the aesthetics of ceiling and wall lights.

Let us say you use a chandelier ceiling light that illuminates the middle of your room and the areas near the wall are shrouded in dark. 

In that case, investing in chrome wall lights can help you brighten the dark walls while making the lighting combination look visually pleasing.

If the lights cannot even illuminate your room well, there is no point in matching or mixing the light fixtures.


There is no need to stick to the matching ceiling and wall lights to make your room look good. As long as you follow the tips mentioned in this blog, you can mix complementing light fixtures that will harmonize with your room’s atmosphere.

Still have doubts? You can always consult a professional interior designer to mix your light fixtures perfectly.

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