Mexico: Day 1

April 4, 2011
I love Mexico.  I think it is easily one of the most underrated countries in the world.  When I lived in San Diego, I purposely chose my apartment because of its proximity to the border.  Whenever I had a long weekend, I immediately headed south.  I would roll down the...

Cuba: Day 9

December 7, 2010
On my last morning in Cuba, I experienced the country at its most frustrating.  After eating a delicious Cuban breakfast at our casa and saying our sad goodbyes to Sergio, Miriam, and their daughter, we departed for the airport.  We checked in with the airline and got through customs with...

Cuba: Day 1

October 24, 2010
Editors Note:  This trip was taken in July 2007.  Yes, I was a brunette for a while and yes, I had my nose pierced.  What can I say, other than I am a big believer in changing up your look from time to time!  I hope you enjoy the memories...