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Fun Family Activities In Mykonos

September 16, 2019
Mykonos is known as an island for adult fun with its clubs and celebrity-packed parties. However, Mykonos is also a great island to head to if you want some vacation time with the family. Here are some fun family activities to get up to in Mykonos: Visit an Open-Air Cinema...

How To Do Family Holidays In Greece

August 7, 2019
Greece is a fabulous place, a timeless classic in the Mediterranean that promises its visitors amazing island and mainland destinations, wonderful weather, moreish food, and so much diversity in terms of both natural beauty and culture. And of course, Greece is for everyone. Depending on your situation or desire, Greece...

Bonafide, Mediterranean Summer Dreaming

June 26, 2019
The Mediterranean is a European playground of gorgeous islands graced with a large variety of destinations offering crystalline waters and fantastic beaches. Some islands are known to have a peculiar, exotic charm that is reminiscent of tropical places, while others are more characteristically Mediterranean. There are those that are glamorous...

Top Hotels To Stay In Santorini

May 16, 2019
Santorini, a dreamy place that we will never tire of with its picture-perfect, postcard frame visuals. It is where fable meets truth and legend comes to life through a physical manifestation of magnitude. It is justifiably the single, most enchanting island in Greece that combines myth, cultural heritage, and unique...

Year-Round Mainland Holidays In Greece

April 30, 2019
This summer, dare to trade a Greek island holiday for a journey to discover some beautiful spots of the Greek mainland holiday. Why? Because you will find that Greece is an incredibly diverse place, able to deliver on sensational holidays, and all year round. Singling out three year-round mainland destinations...