FAQ’s About My Upcoming Wedding (Part 1)

1. Are you moving to Argentina?

While Argentina does hold an extra special place in my heart and I would love to live there one day, Lucas will in fact be moving to Charlotte, North Carolina after our wedding in Buenos Aires.  He and I both agreed that I have invested too much time, energy, money, and love into my Chinese Medicine clinic.  We are bringing him over to the United States on a K-1 Fiance Visa.  Since this is such an incredibly important and detailed process we decided that it was not wise to do this on our own, thus we hired an international lawyer.  If you are reading this and are looking for an international lawyer, please get in contact with me, as I highly recommend ours.  Once Lucas enters the United States post-honeymoon we have ninety days to legally get married (yes, there will be a second wedding!).  Then we must start the process for the K-3 Green Card.

2. How are you incorporating a travel theme into your wedding?

Since traveling is one of the most important things in my life and it is the reason that Lucas and I are together, plus it has played such an integral role in our relationship over the last six years, of course, it had to be the theme of our wedding.  However, I was careful to not let the theme overwhelm the wedding and chose to highlight it in subtle ways.  Here are some of those ways:

Wedding Invitations

Our invites were designed by the talented graphic designer Audrey Desalliers, whom I found on Twitter.  I sent out a tweet that I was looking for a graphic designer to design our invitations and she responded immediately.  I skyped her a couple of days later with an idea of what I was looking for and she absolutely nailed it on her first design attempt.  The “love” is over Charlotte, the “amor” is over Buenos Aires, and the heart is over Buzios, Brasil (which is where we got engaged).

Wedding Invitation

 Table Decorations

I am not a DIY’er, so I turned to Etsy for help.  One of the things that I found and fell in love with was confetti made from vintage maps.  I ordered thousands in the shapes of butterflies and airplanes.  I have always been obsessed with butterflies, but someone who was even more obsessed with them was my deceased grandmother.  I will be wearing her vintage gold Dior butterfly pin either on my dress or it will be attached to my bouquet to honor her memory.

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

Flower Petal Cones

I also found on Etsy these fabulous paper flower petal cones that I had modeled after my invitations.  They will be tied on the backs of the chairs during the ceremony and pedals in shades of pinks and red will be placed inside.  After the ceremony our guests can throw the pedals on us as we walk down the aisle as husband and wife.

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations
This is our design and the cone will be all white.

There are several other ways we have incorporated travel into our wedding, although a girl cannot share all her secrets can she?  I will give you a hint: think vintage luggage and globes.

3. Is the wedding going to be in English or Spanish?

It is going to be in both languages from start to finish.

4. How many guests are attending?

There will be around seventy guests coming from all over the world, as far as China and Australia.

5. What will be your first dance?

To be continued (please feel free to ask me anything you are curious about). . .

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FAQ’s About My Upcoming Wedding (Part 1) — 186 Comments

  1. Great ideas to add a bit of travel flair! Yes, the “where are you going to live” is definitely an FAQ for us, too (and for better or worse, our answer is not as clear-cut as yours!). In fact we just had a conversation about this with a few US-Argentine couples last night and it sounds like we should definitely consult a lawyer. (I’ll be in touch!)

    • Definitely be in touch, I am sure that I can answer a lot of your questions, as I feel like I could write a book at this point! It is a long and tedious process that has probably aged me 10 years, but is of course worth it in the end. Besos!!!

    • Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!!! Normally I’m a super creative person and love projects, but having to deal with immigration and planning a distance from a different hemisphere has definitely limited my creativeness. So, it’s nice to hear that I was able to still come up with something interesting! Thanks a million for your kind words, they mean so much.

    • I was surprised at how interested everyone was re: the wedding! I’m sure I’ve lost a lot of male readers, but I promise to get back to travel narratives soon. I can’t wait either!!!

  2. The invitation + customized confetti from maps looks amazing!! I can’t wait to see it all come together when you post about the actual wedding :o) And wearing your grandmother’s butterfly pin is so special…. so excited for you!! ♥

    • Awww, thank you darling! It’s hard for me to visualize everything all together, just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that on the actual day it does all come together!!! Thankfully I will have a lot of support and love around me on the big day. I will have to post a pic of the pin, it’s super special. <3

  3. Yay!!!! Finally the world knows the AWESOME details that have been designed with SO MUCH love!!!!!!!

    This just makes me all the more excited for the big day and the whole trip to Argentina!!!!!

    • Thanks sweetheart! Everything has definitely been designed with so much love and I hope that shows on May 14th. You have no idea how happy I am that you are videographing the wedding and that you will be there with me during this special moment in my life. TQM

    • Oh gosh, yay, I’m glad to know I’ve come up with something original. It’s hard these days, as it seems like everything has been done before. I can’t freaking wait either babe. 2.5 more months!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! *sigh*I love it Andi!!!
    How incredibly fun and exciting, congrats mil veces over!
    I love the confetti and the flower petals idea, much more romantic than rice :)
    besitos y abrazos xoxoxox

  5. Those invites are super cute! We also did maps–my cousin designed them–and Scott’s mom and I hand sewed each route on each individual invite that the guest would take to get to our wedding site. Talk about laborious–my hands were nearly bleeding once we were through! Good thing we only invited 100-something people and didn’t have your typical 1,000-guest Southern wedding.

  6. Wow, you need a second wedding? Wow.

    Etsy is a Godsend. 😀 Everything you’ve chosen to make a travel-themed wedding is so beautiful. I’m really so excited for you and can’t wait to see the photos.

    I also absolutely adore the song you’ve chosen. So beautiful, Andi. Not to sound all cheesy but your day really is going to be like a dream come true.

    • Yes, a 2nd wedding, one in which I haven’t even started thinking about yet, yikes! And yes Etsy is totally a Godsend!!! I’m glad that you like my choices on everything. Make me feel even more confident in my selections. Cheers to dreams come true! XOXO

  7. Sonrisas grandes for us! =) =) What a great preview…so excited. We used a migration agent to help us with my migration to Australia as well. It’s good to have someone to answer your questions and deal with any problems that may arise.

    • Oooh tu espanol es fantastico!!! Several people have left comments over the last couple of months saying that they did the process on their own. While that might have been the right thing for them, I wasn’t taking ANY chances on something so important. Having gone through this process I would actually pay double what I paid just seeing how much work our lawyer has had to do on our behalf. I would have also started the process earlier too! Hasta prontito bonita!!!

  8. Love! *sigh* I’m such a romantic. Even though I can’t imagine being married now, I still love hearing about weddings and seeing all the details. The butterflies and airplanes are super super cute!

  9. Ohmigosh, I love it all! I love the designs of your invites and the confetti…and I don’t usually get all gushy about this stuff. Everything is so purposeful and meaningful. Love it.

    And although I know you love Argentina, being a Carolina girl myself, I’m glad you are staying in Charlotte for awhile too. My husband is actually from Concord so we make it down there quite often (we’re in Raleigh now).

    • Next time you’re in my area let me know, maybe we can meet for a meal!? Your words were very touching. I’ve spent countless months trying to make all of the details be purposeful and meaningful–I’m glad to know that I’ve accomplished it. Makes the stress worth it!

  10. Wow, I absolutely LOVE your invitations, they are fabulous. Actually, I love it all. What a fabulous, beautiful wedding you will have. Can’t wait to see some photos (you’ll share photos won’t you? Please?!?!)

  11. Ohhhh my Goodness! These are all amazing! The designer is so talented, and you are very creative. I’ve seen A LOT of wedding decor, as a wedding photographer, and these are by far my favorite. I can’t wait to see the photos of the day! :] Congrats!

  12. I looooove the invitations, and that confetti! Ahhh, this is gonna be such a fantastic wedding!

    I, too, was wondering where you guys were planning on living afterward, so I’m glad you answered that question.

    I wish you all the best, girl!

  13. Ok, I LOVE the confetti of maps. That is soooo inventive and appropriate for you. Oh my god, May? That’s coming up soon! If I was in BA, I’d probably crash. :) Congrats, hon. You deserve the most magical wedding ever!

    • You wouldn’t need to crash, you know I would so invite you! Yes, May, ahhhh 2.5 months away! I can’t freaking believe how quickly the year went by. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. XOXO

  14. Nice personalized elements. I love recycled map products. Looks like it will be a great event. Now that I have the info, I’m feeling inclined to crash it 😛

    • Oh yay another male has commented!!! I’m so scared I’m losing all of my male readers with this wedding talk haha. I’m SO impressed with graphic artists, especially Audrey. The plane confetti is pretty cool, huh?

    • (I’m not sure it let me click on ‘reply’)
      Men can be happy for people to you know 😛 Plus, I was raised by 2 women so I’ve got womanese ingrained in me haha.

      They’re all impressive but the confetti is the one that stood out to me, nice touch with the flyer too! My best friend is a talented arty type and I’m very jealous!

      • Yes, you’re SO right! Men can and are happy for other people! Buuuuut typically men are not too excited about planning weddings, you know? You are obviously an exception to the rule and I LOVE exceptions!!! The confetti was quite a special find.

        • Haha why thank you! Well yes I’d rather talk about football any other day of the week, but I’m genuinely loving your theme for the wedding and looking forward to hearing the rest.

          Hope you have the best day ever, I don’t doubt it!

  15. sounds like a great event! You seem completely calm and in control of your nerves! I loved my wedding and the whole day was magical (even with little issues). I’m sure your will be lovely!

    • Oh gosh, I’m glad that I seem that way, but it’s not true! I’m sooo nervous! Planning such a big event a hemisphere away has been quite stressful! I’ve heard that little issues will arise on the day, however it will still be absolutely magical. I keep reminding myself that. Glad you’ve reminded me again! :)

  16. Andi, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Love the butterflies, travel theme, planes, invitation …


    P.S. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely comments about Ken on my blog. What a small world Twitter can be. Ken is so talented, and it is an honor to feature his work. His photographs are true treasures. Hope one day to meet you both in person as we travel :-)

    • Thanks you so much for your congrats and sweet words!!! And yes, Twitter truly does make the world feel small. Ken is a gem in this world. I hope you get to meet him one day, as you will be touched by his kind and creative soul. I hope we get to meet one day as well! Best wishes!!!

  17. Andi, this is like the wedding of the century!!! Forget Will and Kate, it’s ALL about Andi and Lucas! Seriously, I might just start selling drugs or something just to buy a flight out for the wedding!

    • Okay, now you’ve made me cry! What an incredibly sweet comment!!! I don’t even know how to respond, I’m THAT touched! But please oh please don’t go to jail in pursuit of making money in order to buy a ticket to Argentina. Because then I will have to leave my own wedding to fly to HK to bail you out of jail haha! Much love sweetheart!!!

  18. This sounds like an amazing day just waiting to happen. I wish you the best of luck! (I had to click on this post as someone who recently got married and who also loves to travel!)

    • Haha, and I’m about as sentimental as they come! I will make a point of it to do a post about my music playlist in the future for sure, good idea!!! I have been fortunate to find some great music from traveling all over the place.

  19. More wedding posts, more wedding posts, more wedding posts!

    I LOVE the invitation design. Your designer freaking nailed it. What a creative and cute idea. I would’ve never in a million years though to do something like that. Guess that’s why I’m not a graphic designer :)

    • I was waiting for a Kyle comment!!! Hahaha, I promise more wedding posts are to come. I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s responses. I thought people would be like this is a travel site, not a wedding site, but I was totally wrong! Audrey definitely 110% nailed it!!! I will treasure these invites FOREVER. PS You’re going to be talked about in an upcoming post. 😉

  20. i LOVE etsy!! but i love DIY hahaha let me know if you need help w something! i want the cones for the flowers but im doing that in cali w the help of my family the week before!! everything will be gorgeous at ur wedding! im going to be so heartbroken that day but my whole soul will be with you!!!

    • Yes, you are VERY talented with DIY! Me not so much. I will definitely let you know if I need help and the same goes for you. I know that it will be hard for both of us that you won’t be at the wedding, but I also know that you’ll be there in spirit. TQM

  21. This is what storybook weddings are made of!!! Congratulations and I know it will be a wedding to remember. I agree totally with ur choice of a lawyer for the K-1 and K-2. I was married in an Indian ceremony in Delhi, India in 2003, and it had been such a headache dealing with all the paperwork on our own. I wish I had used legal advice also…

    • Talk about storybook weddings, you got married in India??? It is my dream to attend an Indian wedding ceremony in India, in fact it’s on my Bucket List. Do you have any pictures of your ceremony you could share? I would LOVE to see them! Yes, the lawyer’s fees were pricey, but worth every single penny. I’m sorry you’ve had such a headache. I hope everything is resolved now?

  22. okay. I didn’t get past the “2nd wedding.” I’m helping with my only son’s wedding planning (he and his awesome fiance live in D.C. and fiance’s mother lives in Fargo ND, but they’re marrying in Tulsa – I’m the only one on site). I’m completely overwhelmed with planning for ONE. I was freaked when I read “2nd” and had to leave a comment right away. Now I’ll go back and read the rest.

    • Hahaha, you’re too cute! I’m not gonna lie, planning a wedding is seriously one of the most stressful things ever, but planning an international wedding is 2X as stressful and planing 2 weddings (1 being international) is 5X as stressful!!! I’m counting the seconds until all of the planning is done with. I’m completely over it! I hope you can have more fun planning your son’s though! How nice of you to do this for him and your future DIL.

  23. so i read the entire post. love the wedding ideas, especially the maps, vintage luggage, globes, grandmother’s dior pin. I need to spend more time on your site. wait. more accurately, I WANT to spend more time on your site. there are indeed several other really important things I need to do. they’re not nearly as fun as your site.

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  25. Awesome invitations and decorations! It’s great that you are using a travel theme. Hope you have an awesome time and just are able to enjoy it. I know I am a guy but seriously, don’t sweat the details when the day comes. You won’t care or remember it anyways. I remember mine and it was one of my best days (besides the fact I was really sick the night before and morning of!).

    Can’t wait to see photos and hope Kandi enjoys being a bridesmaid! :)

    • Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing about this Kandi joke. Too funny! I’m so happy that guys are leaving comments. I thought I had alienated all of my male readers. Thanks for your kind words and for reminding me to not sweat the details. That will be my new mantra. Sorry to hear that you were sick on your wedding, how terrible!!!

  26. First and foremost: I’m DIGGING your choice of music. To sum it up in one word – splendour. I’m virtually speechless, in awe, Diana Krall serenading in the background – so incredibly delighted for you.

    And I must agree with everyone else: the invitations look absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear more about your impending wedding.

    And stop giving me design/music ideas :p

    • While I ADORE Diana Krall to pieces, we are actually have a live band perform the song. We have this incredible Argentinean jazz singer who will take the place of the great Diana. Haha, I always aim to inspire!!!

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  28. Felicidades! That is the most beautiful wedding invitation I’ve ever seen…and geez, there are so many cool things you can find on Etsy (the greatest thing to have ever hit the internet)! P.S. If the wedding is in Argentina, shouldn’t the date on the cones read “14/05/11” (instead of 05/14/11)? Or is their date format like ours in the US? Eh, what do I know? 😉

    • Muchisima gracias linda!!! Me encanta la invitacion tambien! Yes, the date is written differently in Argie, but half of the guests are American, sooo I decided to go with the American way jajaja. Besitos!!!

  29. Congratulations, I just got done chatting with my wife and best friend on Gmail chat and then clicked on your post…made me warm and fuzzy and mushy and cuddly and stuff! I am sure you will have a glamorous occasion that will be the talk of BA!

    • I didn’t know you were married, how wonderful!!! And now you’ve made ME all warm and fuzzy and mushy and cuddly with how you just called your wife your best friend and by saying such sweet words about my wedding. Big hugs!

  30. I love all your ideas, esp the invites & confetti, gorgeous!! Do you have much more to do ahead of the big day? x

  31. Just wanted to say that I loved reading all about your plans and FAQ’s about your wedding! Your invites are so good! I also discovered the website mywedding.com off you-what a great site! I will def. be using it for advicce/ideas etc when we get back to Aus. x

  32. I absolutely LOVE LOVE all your ideas! Fantastic job incorporating travel and designing everything to be so perfectly fitting to the two of you!

  33. I am catching up on your wedding posts. What a great story you two have! Jose Luis and I also had two weddings, one of them in Colombia. Starting that new chapter on our life was so exciting!

    • Oooh I hope you enjoy all of the wedding posts, there are A LOT!!! I think 2 weddings are the best. I have no doubt I’ll be able to relax and actually enjoy the 2nd one. A wedding in Colombia must have been incredible!!!

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