Best Fitness Trackers To Buy In 2019

March 25, 2019

Fitness trackers are taking over the world. Millions of us now wear trackers on a daily basis not only to measure our steps, but our sleep, exercise, and heart rate too.

In a world full of people who want everything at the touch of a button, a fitness tracker is a perfect way to get reliable statistics on your day quickly and efficiently.

Many of us now work office jobs where daily steps are not exactly top of the agenda, and we understand this. It is just another reason why trackers are so great — they force you to look long and hard at your daily health routine and focus on ways to improve it.

There is no doubt if you are reading this article that you are either ready to try out the world of fitness trackers or are ready for a new model.

Here are the best fitness trackers to buy in 2019:

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is undeniably sleeker and much more lightweight than previous models. It is completely waterproof which is fantastic for swimmers and has a much bigger screen.

This device offers exercise, sleep, and heart rate tracking in a much better designed watch that is completely fit for purpose.

It is also good to know you can change the band color of your Fitbit — perfect for the stylish among us and to prevent a broken band from being a broken watch.

It is made from aluminum, unlike the Fitbit Charge 2, ensuring the tracker is lighter but just as durable.

Striiv Fusion Lite

As reviewed by Healthcare Weekly, the Striiv Fusion Lite has a long list of great features. This handy slimline watch has a full touchscreen and can be hooked up to your smartphone notifications to keep you in the loop at all times.

Its highly sensitive pedometer sensors are sure to track every time you take a step, but leave out every time you lift your hand to brush your hair.

The wristband on this device is also swappable and comes with both a charging cradle and micro USB charging point, which is especially handy for those who need one charger for the office and another for home use.

Apple Watch Series Four

Although pricier than the last few models shared, the Apple Watch is the full monty when it comes to hi-tech fitness trackers. This watch has a crisp touch screen display that can track everything you would expect other models to.

However, for the extra money, the Apple Watch Series Four comes with an inbuilt loudspeaker to let you know when smartphone notifications are coming through, and even has fall detection, to let loved ones know if you are ever to suffer a big fall.

It sounds silly now, but for fell runners and hikers this is a perfect feature both for your own safety and to stop your family from worrying every time you put on your hiking boots and step out of the door.

Fitbit Versa Lite

You have probably already started to see the trend: Fitbit dominates a large percentage of the fitness tracker market, but for good reason. The Fitbit Versa Lite is a great all round watch — with all the basic functions you need alongside the ability to check your phone messages on the go.

This watch stands out from the rest with its female health tracker and is also pretty comfortable and stylish to wear, coming in a range of colors.

If you are willing to spend a bit more for a waterproof watch that tracks swimming and elevation points when hiking, it might be a good idea to have a look at the Fitbit Versa too.

Galaxy Watch Active

This watch is great for those who love Samsung products and own a Samsung smartphone. It connects similarly to a Galaxy S10 as the Apple Watch connects to an iPhone.

It is smooth, aesthetic, dust, and water resistant and has GPS tracking.

A cool little feature with this watch is its ability to share charge with your smartphone and vice versa through its Power Share feature.

It will connect to most large brand apps, which makes it great for listening to music on the go and tracking runs through other apps.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

The Fossil Sport Smartwatch is the Android equivalent of the Galaxy watch, tailored specifically for Android mobile phone users, however its use of Google makes it compatible with most smartphone users if you fancy it.

Google invested $40 million into Fossil’s smartwatch intellectual property to make this watch happen.

It works well with the Google Health app to sync data up from your watch to your phone and is very sturdy.

A nice feature with the Fossil watch is the knobs on the side of the watch, which keep to the style of a more traditional style of wrist wear.

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker

You will be guaranteed to get the best out of your money with this watch. It will monitor your heart rate and other activity levels 24/7 while providing detailed overviews of your daily activity.

This compact watch will also guide you through workouts with updates on your progress and will provide you with instant feedback at the end.

Its simple design is oh-so-easy to get along with and makes tracking your fitness levels a completely effortless task.

The Polar A370 comes with four years of warranty and its battery life lasts four days with typical use, around double what the Apple Watch Series Four can offer.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

This lightweight GPS watch is great for runners and walkers, both during training and when undertaking races. And if you are looking for the best heart rate monitor for peloton, it ranks high on the list!

All data collected through this watch, including step, pace, laps and daily activity rates is collected within the Garmin Connect app for you to review and compare to previous statistics over time. Data fields can be changed so you can choose what you want to see when working out, perfect for those with specific goals in mind.

The funky multi-sport option on this watch allows you to switch up the sport being tracked at the push of a button, which is amazing for triathletes.

Omron HeartGuide

Omron is the newest entrant in the fitness tracker industry, officially launching their smartwatch this year at the Consumer Electronics Show.

To be super clear, the primary function of the HeartGuide watch is not fitness. Instead, the watch is designed to measure your blood pressure with the first of its kind inflator cuff which allows people to measure their BP on the go.

With a simple user experience and design, and rich functionality, it is worth looking at this watch as well in 2019. The Omron blood pressure watch has a sleek and modern design, all the key fitness tracker functionalities as the rest of the trackers on this list (distance, steps, calories etc) and the amazing and unique functionality of blood pressure monitoring. Only catch? The retail price is $499.

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