My Most Beautiful Adventure Day Day 9 & 10

May 15, 2011

We’re married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want a sneak peek at one of our wedding picture’s?  Click here!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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42 thoughts on “My Most Beautiful Adventure Day Day 9 & 10

  1. Emily

    Congrats, Andi! I’m so happy for you two!!! As someone who just got married less than two months ago, I know what a relief it is to have it just get here already 🙂 The hard work definitely pays off–I’m sure you guys had such a blast. Much love!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      OMG was a HUGE relief! I didn’t want to rush the moment, but it was so intense that I’m glad it’s a beautiful memory now haha. We definitely had a blast despite some mishaps. It was just perfect!!! Much love to you too!

  2. Jeannie Mark

    What an iconic photo. It showcases the exotic location and captures a tender, loving moment between two people who waited forever for this day.

    A hug congratulations!

  3. Alouise

    Congratulations. I wish you and your husband a lifetime filled with many beautiful adventures together. The photo is stunning, I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

  4. Ted Nelson

    Congratulations. I saw the sneak preview pic and you two look beautiful together. Like Ayngelina I am looking forward to the rest of the photos.

  5. Kyle

    This may be like the seventeenth time I’ve told you, but congratulations!!!!! You and Lucas are adorable. I’m working on your pictures now!

  6. Alex

    Oh my goodness I just saw the extended photo post on Kyle’s blog… I can’t wait to see every single picture. You could not be more stunning! Congratulations!

  7. Ceri

    I’ve already told you this over Facebook and Twitter along with thousands of others but Congratulations, hun. I really do mean that. You two are going to be so happy together, I know it. I’m going to head over to Kyle’s and check out those pictures now. 😀

  8. Danee Gilmartin

    I’m sorry I didn’t congratulate you sooner! Your wedding looked amazing, romantic and most importantly, filled with LOVE! May you both make many happy memories together!


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