Six Useful Tips To Select The Right Wedding Cake

May 22, 2019

Planning a wedding can be a really stressful process as coordinating every detail of the wedding takes a lot of time and patience. Similarly, choosing a wedding cake is also not an easy decision to make as it is a big highlight of your wedding and like everything else, you want the cake to be just perfect.

Do not stress, we have explained in detailed the aspects you need to carefully assess before you select your wedding cake.

1. Pick Your Cake Style:

Before you do anything further, start exploring Instagram for all #weddingcake photos and make a list of details you like about the cakes you have seen which you would want to incorporate in your cake. Also, do make sure to keep in mind your wedding theme before you finalize your cake style.

2. Choose The Right Baker:

Each baker has his or her own style of baking be it specialized in fondant decoration or use of buttercream frosting, modern or rustic look. And of course, you want a baker that is always on time when it comes to delivery matters. Emicakes does same day delivery for online cake orders so you can definitely count on this baker on your event. Browse through the local listing and search for ‘wedding cakes near me‘. You will get a list of bakers exclusively specialized in wedding cake orders with reviews and a gallery with images of their created cakes. 

3. Select The Right Cake Flavors:

Once you have finalized the style and the baker, you should get into choosing the right cake flavor. Bakers invite clients for sample cake tasting which is an excellent way to make the baker understand what your vision is. Choose flavors which you love but also be sure to consider what your guests may like. Too many experimental flavors may not go well with your guests.

4. Choose The Right Frosting:

What is your vision, fondant or buttercream? Fondant looks neat and adds beauty to the cake whereas buttercream is more delicious. You can also go for a frosted cake with added fondant layer. There are many more options such as meringue or ganache.  This is an independent choice and completely depends upon your taste.

5. Decide The Cake Size:

To finalize the cake size, you need to first freeze the guest list. Once you can give the baker the number of guests, he or she will suggest the size of cake you should order. Normally a three-tier cake will serve 50-80 guests.

6. Stick To Your Budget:

Every item on your wedding checklist has a budget including the wedding cake. Too many details in a wedding cake can make it expensive. There are a few tricks that can be used to reduce the price of the cake like using natural fruits for decoration instead of decorations made of fondant and icing can reduce the labor price. Buttercream is cheaper than fondant icing. If you are not too particular about the details, you can definitely find a decent wedding cake in your budget.

7. Consider The Weather:

If your wedding is being held outdoors, and the climate is hot, then you need to skip whipped cream and buttercream as they may melt. Fondant is the best option in hot weather and buttercream can be used in moderate to a cold climate.

Final Notes

Finally, do not forget to coordinate beforehand with the baker the time by which you need the cake ready to be presented to the guests. Wedding cakes are mostly never delivered in their final form and they usually need to be assembled at the venue. Your cake vendor needs to arrive before time to assemble the cake timely, you also need to allocate a space for the baker to do so.

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