The story behind the ‘Game of Thrones’ castle hidden in Benalmádena, Spain

May 22, 2019

A poem to Christopher Columbus resolved through architecture and design. This way you can define the background of Castillo de Colomares, a striking building located in Benalmádena that especially during the 90s was known as the Castillo de las Águilas for its falconry shows. Now, with the boom of Game of Thrones, people identify it with those architectural works that the creators of HBO have accustomed their followers. The construction began in 1987 and ended in the mid-90s, and was the way in which the Catalan gynecologist Esteban Martín showed his love and admiration for the figure of Christopher Columbus.

Deceased in 2001, it is now his son Carlos who not only manages the enclave, but who is in charge of telling a surprising story that began in the 70s, when his father acquired the farm. “My father was always fascinated by the figure of Columbus, so he decided to build this castle-monument, which is really a book in stone in which you can read the life and work of the discoverer of America,” he says. “And it’s a castle,” he adds, “and nothing else, because he also wanted to pay tribute to Castilla, the land of his family and the one that, under the reign of Isabel la Católica, decided to bet on the Colón company.”

Although it was a doctor, Esteban Martín, who had knowledge of architecture, was responsible for designing the castle, but also to direct the work and even to build it with two other masons. “The castle has to be understood as a whole piece, because my father took the free will to do what he wanted, it is not of any particular style, but it has eclectic and unique components,” says Carlos. In short, it is a building without pre-set patterns, which makes it especially unique.

Its central body is a house, in which there are living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. It is currently undergoing remodeling, because the family’s goal is to open the interior as a museum. One of its most striking elements is the chapel on the top floor “Now we have lost the account, but in the years 89, 90 and 91 it was in the Guinness Book of Records for being the smallest chapel in the world,” says Carlos with pride.

The Castle of Colomares is no longer the Castle of the Eagles – falconry has ceased to be present – but still the enclave can be visited on the outside. According to Carlos, they receive an average of 15,000 visitors per year, among other things for their “reduced cost”, 2,50 euros for adults, and 2 for children and pensioners. “We are trying to get some administration to put a bus up here, especially when the interior is opened too, although at the moment you can only come by car,” says the current owner.

You can watch the best aerial photography an other impressive photos of the property here.

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