Ask Andi Anything + Giveaway (Part 7)

September 9, 2013

Almost every day I am asked interesting questions from all over the world and I thought I would start sharing my responses to them, along with travel related giveaways.  I love questions, thus please feel free to ask me anything in the comments or send me a private message if you prefer.

Q26. Why did you visit Cuba? How was the food?

A26. I have never been one to follow rules and I do not like being told where I can and cannot go.  If you add that with my fascination of Cuban history and politics and my love for mojitos and salsa music, well I could not have designed a better place to celebrate my 25th Birthday in.  I am against the current embargo that the United States has with Cuba and while I know my traveling there has no impact on it in any way, it was my one little way of rebelling.  I think Che Guevara would have been very proud of me!  Unfortunately, the food I ate there was hugely disappointing and overpriced.  Although, I think that was solely due to the embargo.  The best food I consumed was made by the owners of the casa paticulares that I stayed in.

Q27. How do you get to travel free? I tell the hotels and restaurants I am a writer (who could give them exposure) and they do not give me squat!

A27. For the most part, I honestly do not travel that much for free, or at least not completely.  The majority of my trips end up costing me something.  Although, when I do travel for free or if there is partial compensation, it is because I am covering the destination for a magazine and/or my blog in exchange.  The two most important things that must be accomplished in order to build your reputation is extremely hard work and making valuable contacts (good luck plays a tiny role as well).  Also, have an up-to-date, professional-looking Media Kit or resume that you can share that details why your brand is worth investing in.  The best advice I was given in the beginning of my career was never be afraid of rejection.  Pitch, pitch, pitch.  At the end of the day who cares how many no’s you have received?  Delete them, throw them away, forget about them.  You will eventually get a yes and all of that rejection will have paid off, I promise!

Q28. Why is Africa not amongst your top places to places to visit given the sheer natural magnificence there is?  Is it the weather?  People?  Lack of?  I would love to know.

A28. I am not sure why you would have that impression?  One of my ultimate dream destinations is Tanzania.  I have already visited Morocco and South Africa and loved both countries for different reasons.  South Africa, especially, will always hold a special place in my heart.  The safari that I went on while I was there was life changing and hope to one day go on another one, but this time with my husband.  We are both huge animal aficionados.

A29. When are you planning on having babies Andi?

A29. We plan to start trying for our first child in 2014!  That is all I am saying for now. . .

Q30. How did you meet your husband?

A30. It was a true moment of synchronicity.  I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina (eight years ago) on a vacation with a girlfriend.  Both my husband and I had plans that went disarray and thus we ended up in the same nightclub.  He was the first person that I saw when I first walked in.  He literally took my breath away and we both smiled at each other in the same moment.  About five minutes later he was next to me with a glass of champagne and we flirted in Spanglish for hours.  It was definitely love at first sight!

For this giveaway, I am offering the chance to win a complimentary two night-stay in a Cottage Suite at The Tongsai Bay in Ko Samui, Thailand.  Also included is a daily buffet breakfast for two persons and a round-trip airport transfer from Samui Airport.

I won this incredible trip in a giveaway and sadly I have no plans to travel to Thailand in the near future, so I am hoping one of my readers can take advantage of this for me.  Can you imagine being here?

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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42 thoughts on “Ask Andi Anything + Giveaway (Part 7)

  1. Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren

    Wow, Thailand has been on my list for ages! This would definitely force me to buy the ticket and just go. Incredible giveaway, thanks Andi! When does it expire? Also, I love the story of how you met your husband. Your kids will be precious.

    Happy travels 🙂

  2. Michelle

    I LOVE this post…everything about it – really! BUT one of the first things you said about not following the rules and not liking being told what to do sure hit home with me 🙂

  3. Leslie

    Great contest! I love your answers to the Q+A. It’s so much fun to follow your travels and of course your romance 🙂 My question is: Is it hard to keep your Chinese medicine doctor business going with all of your travel? How do you find the balance?

  4. Karisa

    I’m planning on going to Koh Samui in November! 🙂 It would just be a dream come to stay there 🙂

    Also, I completely feel the same way about Cuba! I’ve always wanted to go there, mostly because I’ve always been told that I can’t.

  5. Satu VW

    Babies next year? So exciting, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!! And as we might be heading to Thailand (well, quite likely will) on our way to New Zealand, I’ll definitely take part in this give away also. 🙂

  6. Carolyn

    This is my first time visiting your blog but definitely not the last. Your photos are vibrant and your words eloquent, thanks for sharing!

  7. Carolyn

    This is my first time visiting your blog but definitely not the last. Your photos are radiant and bold and your words eloquent and potent. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Mary F

    My friend recommended this blog and I’m glad I found it. I met my husband while traveling too (we met in Tanzania 6 years ago) and hope to have a baby in 2014 too!
    My question is, do you plan to keep traveling after you start a family? Maybe have a “third culture kid”? Anyway, wish you the best!

  9. Emily McIntyre

    Dear Andi,

    Thank you for an enjoyable post! Loved the story of you meeting your husband. I met mine in a coffeeshop over a cappuccino. Which is fitting since we both work in coffee!

    I just stumbled across your blog from a comment you made on Dave and Deb’s Milwaukee post, and I’m glad I did. Thanks for the advice for beginning bloggers. I’m beginning to transition from a magazine, copywriting, and technical writing career into a more travel-writing focused one, and just started a blog. Your advice was helpful.

    Hope your day is lovely! We’ll be going to Little India here in LA for a Sunday buffet.


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