Drifting Down Europe’s Rivers

March 11, 2015

Europe is connected by a vast river system, which can be enjoyed while you relax on a beautiful boat. Why not do something extra special on your upcoming European jaunt? Buses are nice, places are convenient, but cruising along a river without missing a moment of the beauty is something spectacular. The following are a few European destinations that are located on rivers. Which cities would you like to drift down a river to see?


Cologne is a spectacular city thriving in every way. It is quite the happening place with amazing attractions, nightlife, and people. It is located on the North Rhine River and its claim to fame, the Cologne Cathedral, is majestically standing riverside and will greet you as soon as you reach the river.

The medieval town of Koblenz is a great spot to get away from the bigger cities if you are looking for more solitude. It is located on the Rhine and Moselle Rivers providing incredible vistas. This charming town holds an old defense fortress called Ehrenbreitstein. From here, you can get some fantastic views of the town.


This country is still climbing the charts of tourist destinations, so get here before it reaches the top. The incredible city of Budapest is located on the Danube River and offers phenomenal attractions. Take a stroll on around the historic Castle Hill and across the Chain Bridge, enjoy the architecture at Hungary’s Parliament Building, and relax after your busy day in a traditional Budapest bath.


This spot is certainly still under the radar on the tourism scale, but it does not mean the capital city of Belgrade is not still pretty happening. Ottoman relics, memorial complexes, and the Kalemegdan Fortress all have evidence of a rough past, but the future looks much brighter. The St. Sava Church is located here and it is the world’s largest orthodox cathedral. This magical city is located on the Danube and Sava Rivers.

This desirable river location make this city just that much more beautiful. The breathtaking views from the shoreline or from the majestic ancient buildings are nice, however getting a view from the river is really something special. As you drift out of Belgrade and through the Balkan and Carpathian Mountains, otherwise known as the Iron Gate, this will be apparent. You cannot get this view from anywhere, but on a river cruise. This future of river cruising post proves to show that an experience like this is truly a unique way to spend a European holiday.


The Netherlands is perhaps most famous for its canals, so you bet this another amazing country to be found drifting down the rivers. In fact, many of the river cruises start or end right here. The city of Amsterdam is a fantastic stop to enjoy bustling streets, shopping, beautiful architecture, historically important sites, and mind blowing museums. Of course, its main draw, is a ride along its canals and rivers.

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