Musicians Who Contributed To The World Peace

February 27, 2019

When we see a musician performing on stage and listen to his music, we only see that side of his personality, but we may never imagine that music could go hand in hand with being an activist for world peace. 

Some musicians have used their music to contribute to world peace and surprisingly they are not just a few but many musicians have become Ambassadors for World Peace — an annual event on the 21st of September and this year marks the 70th Anniversary.

  • Joan Baez

A formidable example, Joan Baez has been a musician for almost 60 years as a folk singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Not a stranger to discrimination and racism due to her Mexican and Scottish origin, she has made it her personal issue to contribute as an anti-war activist. But that is not all, she has been an activist for women’s rights, children, civil rights, environmental, and she is still being in the limelight even now as a 78-year-old. She is a pride and an example to all. You can find here cheap concerts tickets without service fees to attend her shows and get inspired.

Joan Baez Concerts
  • Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder has not been a solo voice, but as the frontman of the band ‘Pearl Jam’, they have used their voice, their website and have left their mark since issues have been resolved as a result of their drawing attention to it, be it political or a social cause. They have also given fans live examples in being carbon neutral while touring. No issue is insurmountable to them.

  • Stevie Wonder

He is a musical wonder not just to his fans but to anyone who listens to his music. And when we listen to his lyrics, we will see that he has incorporated social activism, an end to racism, and equality for anyone who suffers a disability, into his music. Gun control is the latest issue in world peace that he has targeted through his music. 

  • Nina Simone

Not only did Nina Simone use her music to call for social change, but she became known as the voice of the civil right movement. In fact, she addressed on-going racism events with her music in such an outspoken, fearless attitude to the extent that it cost her her career. She should have been right there along with Diana Ross, or others. Still, what she has done is written to her credit in history.

  • John Lennon

This is a man who has devoted his music completely for a peaceful world, even collaborated with other artists like Paul McCartney to write songs solely for that purpose. As proof of how much he has given to world peace, a painting has been set up in central park to commemorate world peace day 2016, it is a pop-art painting in his honor.

The list is endless; El Seed (French-Tunisian), Spearhead, Michael Franti, Alicia Keys, David Arkenstone, Thomas Bergersen, Paul McCartney…

World Peace needs not just musicians, but anyone who could make his voice heard either through music, art, or any other way. Each of us has a role to play in achieving a peaceful world to live and enjoy, and these great musicians have paved the path and made an example we could follow.

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