Here Is How Music Plays A Huge Role In Our Lives

April 2, 2021

Music is an art that comprises melody, harmony, rhythm, etc. Research suggests that music can impact all our senses and heal both mental and physical illnesses. Besides being the universal way of human expression and communication, music is not limited by any of the factors such as geographical location or language. Although, musical behavior is a common characteristic of human beings in general, its realization can be shaped by varying experiences of an individual or a group of people. It is an enjoyable activity that goes beyond meager amusement.

Research suggests that music can affect not only the physical world but also that which is intangible or can only be felt or experienced. In most cases, music learning is a voluntary process and cannot be mandated forcibly. 

Read below to know how music is impactful in all events.

  • Educational Impact

You must have seen young children sing the alphabet or the planets in our galaxy. Benefits are reported when it comes to young children’s educational outcomes. Research shows how musical training can positively impact children’s comprehension, attention, reading skills, memory, and other aspects of human functioning. Some research also gives evidence of how listening to music can impact an adolescents’ sense of agency and emotional wellbeing.

Although, subjected to diverse populations living in different conditions, there is a growing understanding of the fact that music has an important influence on the physical, as well as themental health of a person. Healing sounds or motivational music can have a positive impact on children, adolescents, and also some adults suffering from ADHD or mood disorders. It has been found that music can be an effective intervention during stressful situations, anxiety, or paranoia. Music is applied as an active therapy for neurological and psychological problems. This has also made it a growing trend to have bands for hire for small or big gatherings to pump up an event and experience positivity.

  • Stress-Reducing Effects

Stress is the single most important factor which is increasing the rate of suicides in the world. Research suggests the use of music as a self-therapeutic resource for young people with psychological disorders. Stress causing depression can impair the quality of life, reduce social interactions and increase mortality. Some research also showed that people with chronic non-malignant pain undergoing music therapy showed less pain, depression, and disability. 

  • Dopamine Release

You must have wondered why every physical workout space plays music during workouts or why hiring the best wedding bands is inevitable for a wedding. This is because when our brain listens to the ideal music, it releases dopamine neurotransmitter hormone. Associated with motivation and mood, music has proven to be effective in improving physical performance by delaying fatigue and increasing work capacity. Rhythmic music generally creates an association between auditory stimulation and the level of the cardiac autonomic nervous system. Musical stimulation leads to a reduction in anxiety and creates a positive and intense emotional experience. This leads to a release of immune-boosting hormones, helpful in the reduction of many illnesses. Think about hiring Elevation Band for your wedding if you want to experience music at its best!

  • An Inexpensive Method For Improving The Life Quality Of The Elderly

Older people who have mostly retired professionally need an inexpensive solution to their problems. Apart from reduced depression levels, music, when applied to the community-dwelling older people, has shown signs of improving social interactions and engagement between the members. An important resource for improving life quality in general, this puts aside their fear and worry of death. Regular musical leisure activities have shown signs of improving memory problems, mood, and orientation. Music has been proven to play an effective role in improving cognition in persons with mild or moderate dementia. 


Music intervention as a source to improve quality of life has been medically confirmed. So, keep indulging yourself in some good tunes and experience happiness with health.

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