The Top Four Ways To Promote Your Music

December 7, 2017

You will more than likely spent a considerable amount of time perfecting your music, but all your hard work and talent will go to waste if you fail to market your songs. Ensure your success by reading the top four ways to promote your music:

  1. Create An Album Cover

While you should never judge a book by its cover, you can guarantee potential fans and record companies will judge your album by its cover. It is essential to create an album cover design that looks professional and reflects your music, which will encourage people to listen to your songs. Creating high-quality album cover art also does not have to be expensive, as you can turn to Adobe Spark to utilize their free cover maker.

  1. Incentivize Your Fans

Do you want to spread the word about your music? The biggest advocates of your talent and songs will be your fans, which is why you should incentivize them to spread the word about your new album, event, or website. Involving your fans on your rise to fame will make them feel as if they have made a meaningful contribution to your career. For instance, you could ask fans to share photos to use in an upcoming music video or utilize the many crowdfunding platforms to provide your die-hard fans with fantastic rewards for their help.

  1. Build an Online Presence

Those serious about breaking into the music industry must focus on building a strong online presence. You might be busy working on new songs or an album, but you should not experience long spells of silence on social media or across your website. If you do, you will fall off your fans’ radar and they could turn to another artist to show their support. So, tweet about your song-writing sessions, add studio photos onto Facebook, and share social stories on Instagram to connect with your audience.

  1. PR Tactics

Gain exposure by developing an effective PR strategy that will encourage people to learn more about both you and your music. Reach out to established bloggers to ask if they would be willing to share your music, review your album, or ask interview questions, which will allow you to gain attention and interest from their wide audience. However, do not provide bloggers with your life story. Aim to keep your email both short and sweet — and allow your music to do the talking. You could also encourage a blog post by providing them with a free song download for their users or an exclusive look at your new release.

It is not only bloggers who should be your sole focus. Does your music or rise to fame have a unique angle, such as a performance at an upcoming local or national event? If so, reach out to journalists or editors to write a newsworthy story that will promote your album in a positive light.

Do you have any top tips for promoting music? Feel free to share your advice or stories in the below comment area.

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