Review: Wanderlust Leather

June 22, 2015

I am always on the lookout for travel-themed products and when Wanderlust Leather reached out to me to review her travel-themed leather goods it seemed like a perfect fit! Wanderlust Leather is an Etsy shop created by a travel obsessed woman named Jaime. She turned her passion for travel into a business, which is something I greatly admire. Jaime specializes in personalized handcrafted leather luggage and carryon luggage tags, as well as backpack key chains. Let me tel you that the leather she sent me is some of the best I have ever felt.

Her Etsy bio reads: Traveling and crafts are passions of mine, (second and third of course to my first, which is being a mother and wife). That was the easy part, what wasn’t easy was finding a way to combine the two things I love doing. I have made various things throughout the years. Then I realized that I was just following Michigan’s four seasons and as the season would pass so would my interest in that craft. Fall and winter = scarves, Spring= Easter baskets, Summer= hand stamped jewelry. Then one day I stopped it all and spent some time trying to figure out something that would be timeless and would combine what I actually love to do. Then it hit me, since it’s not possible for me to travel 100% of the time, I will make something that can…LUGGAGE TAGS!!! I am so excited about the end product and hope you all are as well. Each tag truly has the best of my ability etched into it. I wanted to make them look worn and traveled.

I truly adore all of the stuff that is offered by Wanderlust Leather. My favorite travel quotes can be found on all of her luggage tags. I have always been a big supporter in luggage tags, because 1) they turn plain luggage into stylish luggage and 2) they set your luggage apart from the rest making it easily identifiable.

I think once Joaquín starts traveling I will have Jaime create a personalized luggage tag for his first piece of luggage!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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