Men’s Haircuts Around The World

December 3, 2015

Men’s haircuts have greatly evolved through the ages. Today, men share hairstyles from different parts of the world with some having gained a lot of popularity all over. You can find a huge selection of haircuts for men from the men’s hairstyles club. The following are some interesting haircuts from around the world:

Afro Textured Hair

This is typical of black African hair. Their kind of hair texture has not been altered by chemical of heat treatments. The spring-like corkscrew shaped hair strands leads to an overall effect of dense hair. The hair cut is trimmed and cut down, but there are different haircuts from side fades to high tops and so on.

The Bowl Cut

This is one of the classic English hairstyles, although it was quite popular in America during the 80’s and 90’s. The name of this style is derived from the method used to achieve it. During the haircut, the barber used a bowl to style the hair by covering it over the head and cutting any hair left exposed.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a collection of various short hairstyles popular with Caucasian hair texture. It includes the butch cut, flattop, crew cut, and Ivy League cut. The butch cut is quite popular as well with all types of hair texture. The brush cut or bush cut refers to a short and clean haircut common with soldiers in the army or other disciplines where a high level of professionalism and neatness is required. The crew cut hairstyle refers to graduate length in hair from the longest hair at the hairline to the shortest at the back of the crown.

The Businessman’s Cut

Popular in Europe and the Americas, the businessman’s cut is also known as the rectangular cut. It refers to equal trimmed sides with a bit of volume at the top giving the head a rectangular shape. This type of haircut is quite common in the corporate world hence the name businessman’s cut.


Chonmage is a traditional Japanese haircut that was quite popular with sumo wrestlers. Many people still rock this kind of hairstyle today. It is characterized by slicked back long hair with short sides. The long hair is oiled and tied into a queue that is folded on top of the head. There is a great deal of modification of this haircut from the traditional shaved plate bit it still makes for an interesting look today.


Cornrows originate from sub-Saharan Africa. This type of hairstyle is extremely popular with African Americans, because the rough hair texture holds well when tied together. The hair is braided into a series of French braids that cling on the head. Today, cornrows come in a variety of styles along it a hairline trim to make the entire look neater.


This style has been quite common with African hair, as well as some of the countries in South America. The hair is locked into sections using several methods or allowed to lock on its own. Dreadlocks that have naturally formed are called free-form dreadlocks. This hairstyle varies in terms of the size, length, and tidiness of the locks.

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