Tips For Choosing The Right Stools For Your Kitchen

March 22, 2016

I am sure you think choosing barstools is as easy as walking into a furniture shop and choosing the ones that catch your eye and are within your budget. As simple as that, right? Wrong!

There are so many considerations that go into buying the right stool. You need to consider what is important to you. This could be comfort, style, whether you want to swirl or stay stationery, counter height, size, and so many other factors. To avoid making the common mistakes others make, follow these simple tips:

Comfort Is King

Your choice of bar stool should be able to combine comfort and style. This is a common mistake for most people. There are so many styles and designs of stools that look almost perfect. You should not fall into this sea of beauty and forget all about comfort.

You see a stool in the store, try it for size, and find that it is perfect and you take it home. After sometime you discover that your back hurts real bad. You had no idea that this expensive designer stool can be so uncomfortable.

As a matter of fact, bar stools are more usable than dining chairs. We spend so much time taking short meals as part of our daily routines.  There is no embarrassment to try the different types of comfortable stools in a shop before purchasing. If you are buying bar stools online, make sure that you take time in doing your research.

The Height Of Your Stool

The height of your stool will be determined by the height of your counter or bar. Measure the height of the counter to ensure that you buy stools that can fit under your counter. It is important to note that your table or counter and your stool should have at least 9-12 inches between them. The standard sizes for bar counters are 42 inches and 36 inches for kitchen counters.

The Number Of Stools

To know how many stools you need in your kitchen, you need to know the length of your counter. Measure the length of the kitchen table and divide by the width of your stools. Ensure that you leave at least 5” between every stool to ensure proper spacing.

Stability Of The Stool

The stability of the stool is very important. In most cases, it is kids that swing with seats, but even adults can lose their balance and fall. While choosing a bar stool, ensure that you pick one that has a wide and resistant base with a strong structure.


While choosing a stool, there are so many factors that will influence the design. These include the architecture of your home and the design of your kitchen. The stool should blend into the kitchen well in terms of design, material, color, and size. Know what your style is and remain consistent until you find what you are looking for.


If your kitchen is dominated by style, then go for stools without a back to avoid hiding the beauty. The stools can be tucked under the counter easily. If the stools are the ones to bring in the style, then go for backrest and color.

Pedro Martinez is an interior decor blogger and enjoys helping his readers. His passion is to provide informative and accurate resources to help his readers solve their design problems. Check his blog and learn more on where you can get bar stools online.

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