Preparing To Bring Baby Home

May 7, 2016

For new parents, expecting their first child is a very exciting time. You have planned for this moment and have taken the proper steps to ensure you have the ability to care for your newborn. While there are some big ticket items needed for the baby, with a little bit of shopping around you can find a crib, bassinet, car seat, and previously-owned clothing at places like for less than you might imagine!

You will need a secure and safe place for the baby to sleep. Many parents start with the bassinet and then move their baby into a crib when they are three to four months old. This way they get to keep their infant by their side. Deciding to use a bassinet or a crib is a personal choice and either one works for the newborn. If you acquire a used crib from a family member, friend, or consignment, make sure that it has fixed side rails and that the slats are close together, within 2-3/8-inches apart. You will also need to purchase a firm mattress.

A car seat is another item on your list that is necessary. Without it, you cannot bring your baby home from the hospital. You can purchase either an infant seat or buy a convertible that you can use for several years. The real difference in the two is that an infant seat is removable. You can lift the actual seat off and leave the frame secured in the car. This is a nice option for securing the baby in the seat before heading outdoors. It also allows you to transport the baby easily to family, friends, and doctors’ appointments. On the downside, you will need to replace it after about a year and replace it with a toddler car seat. You can purchase either one at a second-hand shop, check listings in the paper, or from a family member. If you purchase a used one, you also have the option of bringing it to a number of stores that offer a discount on a new one by simply returning an old one. Make sure that you read the car seat installation instructions carefully so that in the event of an accident your baby is secure.

A first aid kit in the house is essential. As new parents just having it in the home will give you a sense of calm. Many of the kits come packaged in a useful accessory case that you can bring with you wherever you go. It includes a set of nail clippers, rectal thermometer with a cover, nasal saline, and aspirator, vaseline, acetaminophen, and a brush.

In addition to the crib, car seat, and first aid kit, you will also need to keep a sufficient supply of diapers, wipes, and clothing on hand. These are usually items that you acquire in large numbers at a baby shower, but you really can never have enough. Even starting out with a couple of boxes of diapers you will find they disappear quickly. Since you will have the baby mainly at home onesies are a primary piece of clothing that most mothers will agree make dressing and changings easy.

Last but certainly not least is the diaper bag. This item needs to be large enough to carry all your baby supplies including clothing, diapers, wipes, lotions, a first aid kit, changing pad, and more. Most come with multiple outside pockets allowing for easy access to frequently needed items.

Having your first child is a special time in your life. Adjusting to the changes in your home and lifestyle once the baby is born is a normal occurrence. There are numerous books on the market that you can read while pregnant to help you properly prepare. With a little planning and creative thinking, you can have everything you need to bring your baby home in style!

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