Redefining Men’s Fashion: How To Dress For A Business Meeting

June 30, 2016

Business meetings are serious, even if you are the one calling the shots in the meeting. There are people who are fond of going into those Friday morning departmental meetings dressed in casual outfits. You need to learn to take things seriously. Even people like Donald Trump in all his eccentricity and power will never show up to a business meeting in a t-shirt and flip-flops. The unfortunate thing is that dressing up for a business meeting can be ridiculously difficult. This is particularly so for men. It is only recently that men’s fashion has started to improve. For the longest time fashion was a thing for women, but now men are taking an active role in dressing themselves up.

Why You Should Dress Up For Meetings

There are so many reasons why you should dress or suit up appropriately for business meetings. It goes well beyond looking good. Of course, if you are meeting up with a potential client you will be well dressed. This is because you want to go make the first impression an impressive one. As they say, you get only one chance to make a first impression. Prospective clients are going to judge you based on what you are offering to them — that much is true. However, it is human nature to associate products with the people or channels that are presenting them. So, dress up excellently for such meetings.

Still, there are those departmental meetings that you are laid back in the casual Friday manner and you are discussing Monday matters. Honestly, if the meeting is at the beginning of the week you might not be so psyched up let alone dressing up for it. Even so, people will not take you seriously if you do not take the meetings with the gravity that they deserve. This means that you need to suit up for the meeting as well (tie not excluded).

Even your employer will want to invest more in you if you look the part. There is no excuse for not looking excellent. You can dress up for the role without having to rob a bank. So, gentlemen let us get down to the business of how to dress up wonderfully for the business meetings.

Business Dress Code For Men

Men have problems with dressing, there is no doubt about that. They are limited to suits only. However even these suits bring a lot of problems. You will not show up in just any suit and expect that you will capture people’s attention. Actually, you might be able to capture people’s attention, except for all the wrong reasons. This is why you will need to invest in a really good suit and accompanying accessories. Here are the tips that will help you look fantastic during those meetings:

Fitted Suit

Ensure that the suit you purchase fits you properly. It should not be too small. If it will be too tight — in the event that you sneeze — you might end up going naked! At the same time, the suit should not be oversized. It will be easy to spot a suit that is above your size. For the coat, the shoulders should sit square on yours. The hands should end at the wrist. If they are falling all the way to the base of your palm, then that is not the right suit for your body. You will need to drop by a site like and get yourself a wrist watch. People should see a fantastic watch, so why hide it under your coat’s arms?

When it comes to the trousers, they should break right below ankle. They should not go sweeping the streets as you walk, because they are too long. Similarly, they should not be too short, as to go advertising that you are wearing pink socks (read on to find out the socks you should wear, definitely not pink ones).

Accessorize Properly

When you are going for a business meeting, you should limit your jewelry. There are jewelry items that serve to capture people’s attention and distract them more than accentuate your outfit. Men are not allowed to have too much jewelry. It is not professional for men to show up with a bunch of bead bracelets and a thousand rings. Actually for men, the only acceptable jewelry is a ring and a watch. Invest in a high quality classic wrist watch.

There are so many places that you can purchase high quality watches that will enhance the beauty of your wardrobe. BrathWait is one of the best. They deal in high-quality, new and used watches. This online store has been providing men all over America with a wide array of Swiss and German watches.

To style your outfit properly, make sure that your watch’s band is the same color as your shoes and belt. If you have a watch with a brown band you should wear a brown belt plus brown shoes. A metallic watchband is bound to be more convenient for most men. If you do not want to buy several watches, you should try getting one with a silver band. Leather-banded watches are however the most classic option and they work for just about everyone.

Groom Yourself Properly

Keep your nails and hair short. You do not want to show up at a business meeting with long hair. If you have such hair and you do not plan to cut it short, there is no harm in holding it up in a ponytail. There is no point in having the best fitting suit if it is not ironed properly. Ensure that there no stains or loose buttons.

Be Classic

Let us try as much as possible to keep the trends outside the meeting rooms. There are those corporate officials who find loud-colored suits to be highly inappropriate. This means that as much as you value that sky blue suit you bought in Paris, you should avoid using it in meetings. For business meetings, the most professional colors are: navy blue, grey, black, and dark brown. When you are choosing shirts, select those that are plain colored; avoid patterned shirts as much as possible. The cute checked shirt that you picked up from some designer shop is great, but not for business meetings.

With that, you will be able to get down to serious business without raising eyebrows. You can invest in buying a new suit every other month. At the end of the year, you will have many options to select from. While you are in the business of buying suits, you should also pick out stylish watches that will emphasize you sense of style.

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