Give Them A Stunning Wedding Send Off Beneath A Shower Of Sparkles Not Rice

July 25, 2016

Wedding send off trends come and go, but none has remained as glamorous as the use of sparklers. There is, of course, the traditional rice shower that has stood the test of time, however still it remains messy and potentially harmful to scavenging birds. Then there was a time when folks would hold butterflies in captivity, only to release them in a grand wedding exit. The butterfly trend did not last long, probably because hundreds of the poor insects died before the ceremony. Noisemakers came next. These ones would shout and scream as the newlyweds sped away to a much deserved honeymoon. Eventually, people came to their senses and realized the noisemaker trend went against all rules of common decency. It was improper to chase newlyweds away like you would a rabid dog. The current trend today is none other than wedding sparklers.

If you have not heard of wedding sparklers, suffice it to say that these are similar to the fireworks you see on July 4th, Christmas, and New Years (but at a smaller scale). They are actually long sticks, which give off bright sparkles when lit. The use of sparklers in weddings is relatively new, although has achieved great success in the wedding preparation industry.

Sparklers have been popularized in recent times by the trendy habit of holding a dinner party in the evening of the wedding day. On this evening party, the newlyweds celebrate with family and friends, and take pleasure in their first dance as a wedded couple. The couple’s entrance and exit from the party is usually enhanced by making them pass through a tunnel of wedding sparklers. The sparkling tunnel effect, coupled by the festivities taking place all around, is every woman’s dream of a fairy tale wedding. Wedding exit sparklers have become essential items in almost every wedding today.

Sparklers are not just used in the send off, but can be a great addition to the wedding cake or the champagne fountain too. Cake sparklers candles placed on top of the cake give an ethereal effect to the cake-cutting ceremony when the sparkles are lit up. Sparklers are quite popular in birthday parties too, where a cake must be cut in a grand ceremony to commemorate the blessings of having made it through another year. However, the most romantic use of sparklers today is in the newlyweds’ send off ceremony. Guests will usually line up outside the reception hall and light up sparklers as a way of wishing the newly married couple success and good fortune.

If having handfuls of hard grains pelted hard at your face is not your idea of fun, or you truly feel for the poor birds who suffer indigestion after consuming the spilt rice, then you would be better off doing your send-off the sparkler way. Sparklers are readily available in both online and offline stores. In fact for the best wedding sparklers, Miami residents have a wide choice of the products sold at very affordable prices.

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