What Your Handbag Choice Says About You

November 29, 2016

Our purses and bags are a constant fixture in our lives. Always by our side, keeping our essentials at hand. But for most of us, our bags are not just simply a method of carrying things. They are a symbol of our personality. We take the time to find the one that is right for us and wear it every day with pride. What you may not realize is that the bag you choose and how you wear it says volumes about your personality. Let us take a look and see what your bag says about you:


You are all about minimalism. You have your life scheduled down to the minute and you are not about to waste time with unnecessary tasks. Whenever you start something, you know exactly what you will need. You will have it already in advance and never find yourself scrambling to get things together. That being said, you certainly appreciate the finer things in life. A nice champagne, high thread count sheets, and ordure’s. While you always try to remain a step ahead, you still catch yourself indulging in everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure!

Messenger Bag

You are the type of person that wants to be prepared for every possible scenario. Even though you want a bag that can carry your entire life in it, you also want to enjoy the same classy handbags your friends have. For you, the messenger bag is the perfect balance between form and functionality. You probably apply this same principle to many other choices you make: your mid-size sedan, garden level suite, and conservative diet. You are certainly not the type to over plan things, but you always pull everything together when you need to.

Weekend Bag

You are on the go. You want to see the world and experience everything it has to offer. You have got a large circle of friends, but tend to come across as a bit of a whirlwind. You may have already changed careers, traveled the world, and tried different lifestyles. Sometimes you feel a little jealous of your friends who’ve settled into a basic routine, but what you do not realize is that they are all jealous of the vibrant experiences that you have filled your life with.

Designer Bag

To the outside world, it seems as if everything comes naturally to you. You have the perfect career, a beautiful car, and a wonderful husband. It might seem as if your entire life has just been one successful decision after another. In reality, you do not let people see how hard you have worked to get where you are. You pay a lot of attention to your self-image and make sure people see your success. Remember to also let them see the effort you have put in.


You are probably under 25 and the club bouncers know you by name. You are fun, outgoing, and spontaneous. You do not need to pack all your belongings just to have fun. When your friends want to have a good time, you are always the first one they call. You have never been the type to ponder decisions. As soon as the question arises, you already know your answer.

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