Tips On How To Get Your Baby Into Modelling

December 2, 2016

Does your baby have perfect chubby cheeks, dazzling toothless smile, and bright eyes? All your friends and family are telling you that your baby is cute enough to be a model. If you have not noticed babies are everywhere nowadays. You will see them on billboards posing with toys, posing in diaper ads on TV commercials, and even in the most popular magazines. Besides all of that, many companies are now using babies in car commercials, cleaning supply commercials, and even toilet paper ads. Simply put, if your toddler has what it takes, there are plenty of opportunities available to them out there. However, the real question is, does your toddler have what it takes?

You have to face the fact that there are a lot of cute babies out there and modeling agencies are not just looking for cute. They are looking for personality as well! So, how are you going to get ahead of the competition? Below you will learn some unique tips and tricks on how to get your baby into modelling:

Be Prepared And Have Your Baby Prepared

Before you even take a step into the agency, you want to make sure that your baby is wide-awake and ready for what is about to come. Be sure that your child is alert, fed, and newly changed. If your little one is going to nap on the way to the agent’s office, you should at least arrive 20 to 30 minutes ahead of time to give your toddler enough time to properly wake up and be alert. Take a few laps around the parking to get your child fully alert if you have to.

Do Not Fret Too Much About Clothing

One major mistake that most parents make when taking their child to an audition is they spend too much time worrying about the attire. They either dress their child in a little suit or frilly party dress, but this can be a major mistake. You are going to a baby audition and your child should look like a baby, not a young adult. Pastel-colored baby clothing usually works really well, and if your child is auditioning for a diaper commercial it would be a great idea to make sure that your baby is wearing the proper brand of diaper. Shop online for the best baby clothing to their audition from If your child shows up wearing the biggest competition’s product you are surely going to get throw out pretty quick.

Try To Avoid Separation Issues

During most baby auditions, the casting director will separate the child and take them into a room alone. This is a technique used to see how the child will act when separated from the parents or parent. For some kids this can be the major downfall during the audition. Some kids will scream and cry when taken away from their parents. However, one great technique to avoid this is to have the babysitter or a grandparent take the child to the audition. Most of the time a child will not make a peep, when they are taken away from someone they are not as attached to.

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