Renew Your Bedroom This Winter

December 20, 2016

Winter can be a gloomy time if you are not careful. Long, dark, and cold nights are enough to make even the happiest of us to feel a little flat. While there is not much that we can do about the weather — save for booking holidays to somewhere sunny — there is something we can do to brighten our lives up in our homes once we have shut away the outside world.

Chief on your list of priorities should be the bedroom. When it comes to retreating from the doom and gloom of winter this should be your ultimate cosy hideaway; the place where you curl up under the covers and drift away warm, relaxed, and happy.

If this does not sound like a description of your room as it is now, then it is time to do something about it:

Prioritize The Bed

You have no chance of renewing your bedroom successfully, if your bed is not up to scratch. Put this right at the top of your shopping list if you are looking to give your room a new lease of life. The high quality bed set performs many functions: it gives you the support you need to get a good night’s sleep (you are not going to feel snug and cosy if your bed is uncomfortable), helps you to stow away items to keep your room tidy, and forms the design center piece to your room.  So, whether it is comfort, storage, or aesthetics, it might well be time to invest in a new bed. Stuck for ideas? Check out these from the Divan Beds Centre for inspiration.

A Change Of Color Scheme

An awful lot of good can be done with a lick of paint. Choosing the right color — a sunny yellow or warm orange — can make your bedroom bright even if the world outside is not. HGTV has published an article that looks at the virtue of warm colors in greater depth. However, you might think that there is nothing wrong with your current color scheme, just that the paintwork has become faded or tatty. If that is the case, freshen things up with a new coat and it will make the world of difference.

Small Steps, Big Changes

Painting one or more of your walls really is not that time consuming or costly. Similarly, there are many other cheaper and quick ways to renew your bedroom this winter. Take your bedding, for example. A thicker quilt and a nice set of bedding in warming colors can be the finishing touch that your brand new bed is crying out for. Switching your bedding and maybe even your curtains around is a great cost effective way of changing along with the seasons, because as far away as it might seem at the moment, it will not be long until the summer and you are in need of a different look again. Homebyme also notes that a blanket and throw can be a great way to make your home more cosy in the winter. Bring these out of hibernation for your winter bedroom.

So, take a look at your bed, give your walls a lick of paint, and switch your bedding and you will have a room that is renewed and ready to see you through until the Spring!

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