Give Your Bedroom A Mature Update With These Five Tips

April 21, 2017

When you become a teenager, your tastes in style and fashion often change from when you were a younger child. If you walk into your room and feel like it still looks as if a child lives in it, you may want to consider updating it to create a more modern look that fits your current style. Use the guide below to learn quick and easy ways to update your room, so that it better expresses your style:

Replace Your Childish Bedding With A More Mature Option

If the bedding on your bed features childhood characters, it can be hard to make the room look mature. It is best to replace your childish bedding with a more mature option that you will be able to use for years to come. At there are many different sets of stylish bedding for you to choose from.

Be sure to choose a set that has a classic look to it that you will enjoy seeing for an extended period of time. You also want to be sure to consider the size of bed you have in your room. Some bedding sets look great on smaller beds, but do not create the same look when used on larger beds.

Display Pictures And Treasured Items In A Stylish Way

Bedrooms have a limited amount of floor space available. If you have treasured items, such as trophies and pictures that you want to display, adding a bookcase to the room can be difficult, because of the limited amount of floor space. Instead, consider hanging shelves in open areas of the room to display items on. They will not take up any floor space and still allow you to proudly display the items in an organized way.

Get Rid Of Childish Items That Are No Longer Useful To You

If you have numerous nick knacks and toys that you do not use anymore, consider selling them in a yard sale. You can use the money to invest in your new bedding or other items that you can use to make your room more mature. Be sure to label everything before the yard sale begins, so that potential buyers will know what items cost, so that they do not have to constantly ask you how much something is.

Customize Your Furniture In A Unique Way

You can also customize your bedroom furniture to make it look different than it currently does. You can stencil the fronts or sides of the furniture or even add wallpaper to the fronts of the drawers of your dressers to make them look very unique. Be sure to get permission from your parents before updating the furniture to ensure that the items are not antique and valuable.

Create A Dramatic Look In The Space

You can also make the room look mature by adding a dramatic look to the space. Consider hanging unique curtains from the ceiling to make the room look bigger. The curtains can have bold prints on them or be brightly colored to make an eye-catching look in the room.

After implementing some of the tips provided above your room should show off your unique style perfectly. You should feel at peace when you go into your room and enjoy having friends over to hang out in it from time to time.

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