Why Bathroom Vanities And Sinks Are An Essential Part Of Your Home

March 8, 2017

The bathroom is amongst one of the most important rooms within a property and one of the most vital aspects of the bathroom is your chosen bathroom vanity or vanities.

A bathroom vanity is a multipurpose piece of furniture, one which is often used to cover unsightly plumbing. Bathroom vanities also serve as cabinets, so you can use them to store toothpaste, soap, razors, aftershaves, and any other toiletries you may wish to keep out of view.

Furthermore, a bathroom vanity can also be used as a foundation for a bathroom mirror, though the mirror will be in-built or connected to the unit. As such, your bathroom vanity can act as a centrepiece for the entire space, thus you need to choose wisely to make sure you select the perfect option for your bathroom.

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Vanities

Firstly, be sure to choose a bathroom vanity of an appropriate height. The majority of bathroom vanities are manufactured at a standard 30-inch height, and whilst this may prove suitable, it could pose problems if you are either particularly tall or noticeably short, as you do not want to be crouching or stretching when brushing your teeth! A good way to determine the best height vanity unit for your needs would be to visit a local home improvement store and to compare different sized units in person. From there, you can look for components of the same size online if you would prefer, where you are likely to find a much bigger choice. Also, you will have to think about the height of that bathroom mirror that will be located above your bathroom vanities for the same reason.

You need to also remember that your vanity unit is not simply to look at, but to use as well. It is all well and good selecting a bathroom vanity with a stunning timber finish, but you have to make sure it is up to scratch with regards to an appropriate level of storage space and overall functionality.

And the size of your bathroom vanities is another crucial element to consider; height is an aforementioned massive factor, but the width of your unit must be thought about too. You will only have a specific, limited space available to situate your bathroom vanity, so you should look to secure the perfect size and not waste any of the available area. Should you select a vanity that is too long, you could encounter problems such as blocking off a portion of your toilet or another bathroom fixture.

Take into account the shape of the bathroom vanities you require as well. For instance, you may be looking to install a space-saving corner unit if your bathroom design will allow it. You must decide on your exact requirements and also ensure there is sufficient space to open and close the bathroom doors. Many people have in the past bought and installed vanities to later discover that their doors will not fully open or shut without making contact with a wall, shower, or other component within the bathroom.

Ultimately, it is extremely important to perform thorough research before selecting the perfect bathroom vanities for your bathroom, and to have an idea of your exact needs from the unit. Color, size, space, storage capacity, and accompanying fixtures such as mirrors all need to be considered. From there, you can set about purchasing the ideal bathroom vanity for your space. Also, make sure to save some money for other bathroom upgrades like a fancy mirror or handheld shower head. This way your bathroom will look complete!

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