Get The Party Started With These Tricks

April 14, 2017

The secret to having a great, fun, and memorable party is to get the party started with these tricks. Consider the theme of the party, the guest list, the menu, and the type of music. Ensure you have a combination of stylish decorations, delicious food, and pumping music. Use this guide to make the party creative, interactive, crafty, and exciting from the time your guests arrive, right up until they leave. Make it a memorable experience for all!


Cocktails are a great way to break the ice, set the mood, and put them in the party spirit. A mixture of Bourbon, maple syrup, cinnamon, and small amounts of orange bitters can make an ideal cocktail. Use a shaker to mix and add plenty of ice for tastier results. For non-alcoholic guests, ensure that you have a selection of soft drinks to offer. Another trick is serving the cocktails in premier glow lighted cups.

Welcome Your Guests

Let them serve themselves as soon as they settle in. A popular trend is to set up a tostada stand with margarita jugs to allow guests to engage in self-service. Self-service allows guests to mingle and interact, giving you time to welcome everyone. Cheese, crackers, and dips will always satisfy a crowd. It is simple to eat with a cocktail in hand and leaves a minimal mess.

Food Presentation

Consider these presentation tips when serving your food. Use simple, consistent colors and avoid mixing themes. Keep it uniform, unless it is a very casual gathering. Serving food in a buffet style allows guests to choose their food in the desired quantity. Also, it makes guests mingle as well and refill at their leisure.

Consider These Stylish Tips:

  • Use wooden boards as a serving tool. Line them beautifully with brown paper and include hand-written menus to achieve extra style.
  • Consider using white platters.
  • Beautiful Moroccan bowls adds character.

Party Favors

Memorable parties stem from unique party favors. If you are celebrating a special event, like a birthday or an engagement party, consider a photo booth. They are a fantastic addition to the party and a great way to capture the silly moments. Guests can take a piece of memorabilia home from the party. Ensure that there is a range of props for your guests to play around with; feather boas, hats, the classic fake mustache. The options are endless, so be creative! Deep down, we are all dying to pull ridiculous faces and prance around with a fake mustache, so let that inner crazy come out to play.


The right music complements all your efforts by setting the right atmosphere for the party. Start with slow, mellow beats for guests to chat amongst themselves. Save the disco tunes for later. Consider a local DJ, if you do not want to take on this responsibility. Hiring a DJ turns a social gathering into a pumping party. The DJ will be able to read the crowd and whip out the right type of tunes to get the party started.

Your guests will be more inclined to jump on the dance floor and bust a move when they are able to make requests with the DJ. Ensure you remove all breakables from the living area. The last thing you want is a broken vase as a result of a dance-off gone wrong.

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