Say May To Greece: Three Perfect Spring Getaways

April 17, 2017

May is a wonderful month in which to consider a spring getaway to a place that is a travel classic: Greece. Why May, you may ask, and why these three destinations in particular? May enjoys the advantages of being the last month of spring, with its warm and pleasant temperatures and blooming landscapes; let us now consider two more factors. There are substantially less crowds cramping your holiday style in May compared to more summery months of July and August especially, plus it is closer to shoulder season, so offering better rates generally. Here are three places that are perfect to visit in May, that give you that Vitamin Sea fix generously:

Discover A North Aegean Gem: Thassos

There are some islands that are entirely off the beaten track in the North Aegean that promise the visitor a whole untapped world of striking landscapes and indelible travel experiences. One of these places is Thassos, a lush island that boasts verdant landscapes that almost come down to meet its azure shores. Pristine emerald shores to find your inner peace, such as the Marble Beaches of Saliara and Vathy with ivory sand or the unique Giola pool that will leave you absolutely speechless. Make sure you stay close to the beach, so you can soak up the scenic sea views from the comfort of your own family apartment or your premium studio if you are a couple. Enjoy personalized service in this newly built Aelia Villa apartment complex, which is best rated for location in Limenas, allowing you the best of both worlds; your freedom to tailor-make your experiences as per your desires and choosing to sample genuine, local experiences without any restrictions.

Explore The Lady Of The Ionian: Corfu

Considered the Lady of the Ionian due to its cosmopolitan history, chances are you have visited before, having strolled its paved streets called “kantounia“, having explored its many palaces, its forts, its museums, and landmarks such as the Pontikonisi (Mouse island). If not, then you are missing out on experiencing the unique vibe of Corfu town: a fully fledged, charming city with an aptitude for art that is able to offer guests stunning visuals even within city walls, coastal and inviting, brimming with exciting experiences to be had day or night. Venture out beyond the Corfu town, be prepared for jaw dropping sea meets sky vistas that you will want to start your day with. The western coast of Corfu offers some immaculate visuals; Pelekas Monastery located in one of Corfu’s best beaches, Kontogialos bay, is a divine place drenched in spectacular sea views every hour of the day. For an even more amazing vantagepoint, go up to Kaiser’s Throne and be swept away by the incredible panorama that is strewn at your feet.

Roam The Marine Realms To Uncover: The Cyclades Cluster

The jewels of the Cyclades have woken up from their wintry slumber and have been bathing in the Greek sun since March. Typically inundated with people that want to clamour on the infamous beaches of Mykonos, get a glimpse of the sunset in Santorini, or spend leisurely moments at Paros’ port villages. If you are willing to devote eight days and have a thirst for discovering as much as possible when it comes to islands, then you can immerse into the beauty and culture of these islands with a boutique cruise, with additional points on the itinerary such as the quiet and demure Folegandros, the fun Antiparos, the spiritual Delos, and three more islands as a bonus: Poros, Syros (the unknown capital of the Cycladic islands), and Kythnos, as well as experiencing the aura of the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion on your way back.

Harmony V in Delos

A May getaway is bound to be perfect if you choose any of the above destinations. They all combine what is great about Greece during this season, whereas the details in each case depend on your preferences and about how you want your days to roll. One thing is for sure: you will be able to relax beyond belief, as there is nothing more calming than the Greek blue sea!

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