How To Keep Your Leather Recliners Looking Brand New

April 24, 2017

So, you finally bought your brand new top rated leather recliners and they have made a huge transformation in your living room. The big question now is how will you keep them looking as new as they are months from now?

Leather recliners are very elegant and stylish and add modern and sophisticated feel to any room. However, if not cared for properly, they can change into an embarrassing scenario that you will not be able to live with.

Learn how to maintain your leather sofas so that you will always be happy to show them off to your guests!

General Care For Your Top Rated Leather Recliner

There are many methods you can use to take care of your leather furniture and prevent it from looking worn out. If you follow these guidelines, your recliners will always remain clean and free from cracks and fading:

  • Find a spot for your furniture that is at least two feet away from any source of heat. This will prevent the leather from developing cracks.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as it will cause the recliners to fade and lose their natural color.
  • Nurture your leather by mixing white vinegar and linseed oil (1:2) and rubbing it gently on the recliners in a circular motion. Buff them with a soft cloth after a few minutes to bring out the shine.
  • Remove stains using rubbing alcohol. For stains on light-colored recliners prepare a paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar and rub it on the stain, leaving it for 10 minutes before removing it with a damp sponge
  • Use a moisturizing soap for general cleaning, but be careful not to get the leather too wet.

Tips To Maintain Your Leather Recliner

Have a look at the following tips to maintain that new look of your leather recliners and prolong the fabric’s life:

Understand Leather Cleaning Codes

Your top rated leather recliners come with a manufacturer’s tag that has a cleaning code for your chairs. The purpose of this cleaning code is to guide you on the best ways to clean your recliners.

There are cleaning products that can cause damage to the leather. That is why understanding these cleaning codes is important to keep your recliners in good shape.

  • DC: This is mainly found on recliners whose leather is soft. It means dry clean only. Any other cleaner will damage the leather.
  • WS: You can use either water or petroleum based cleaners for this type of leather.
  • W: Use water based cleaners only.
  • S: Do not use water or detergents, as they can cause the leather to shrink. Use cleaners made from petroleum.

Protect Your Leather Recliners

It is not difficult to clean and take care of your leather recliner. In fact, the easiest way to do so is to avoid stains and dirt from accumulating over time. After all, prevention is better than cure.

You can buy covers for your recliners or attractive blankets.

Not only will they add a decorative touch to your recliners, but they will also protect them from dirt. Covering your recliners will definitely prolong their great look and the covers can be removed whenever you want.

Clean Your Leather Recliners Safely

One easy way to clean your leather material safely is to gently vacuum it on a regular. This helps in getting rid of dirt that finds its way through tiny cracks and gaps in your chairs and maintaining their new look.

Make sure that you do not press too hard when vacuuming to avoid leaving scratches and marks on the fabric.

Wash Your Leather Recliners Correctly

Washing your recliners is a very simple task and all you need to is follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s tag and use the cleaner that has been specified for your chair.

Once you have prepared your cleaner, use a soft cloth to gently wipe off any dust or dirt from the chairs. If your cleaner is petroleum based make sure you rinse the fabric thoroughly once you are done using it.

To dry the leather, use a completely different clean and soft cloth. Drying the recliners will prevent the fabric from developing cracks and water stains.

If the type of leather recliner you have needs to be oiled every other time, do so once it is completely dry.

Maintain Your Recliners’ New Look

If you are dedicated to keeping your top rated leather recliners looking new, then you will definitely have an easy job doing so. Some of the problems that come with cleaning leather furniture can be avoided with some regular maintenance.

Dusting your recliners regularly and keeping them covered can greatly contribute towards maintaining that new and fresh look for your recliners.

If you have recently bought some top rated leather recliners, these guidelines and tips on how to keep them looking brand new will definitely work for you. Maintain the high quality of your recliners by caring for them regularly.

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  1. Devesh

    Thank you! My recliner has been stuck for days and I haven’t known what to do. I looked at it and turned out that it had missed a bolt and that’s why it wasn’t locking. You saved me the cost of a professional or a replacement, so thanks again for sharing!


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