How To Dress For Awkward Temperatures

April 27, 2017

For many people, it is that awkward in-between of chilling winds and warming sunshine that catches us off guard. One moment, we are bundled in waterproofs and wrapping our legs in thick tights, and the next we are bare legs, skirts, and jacketless. We wake up to the sun shining through our curtains, yet by midday, and we are out and about, the clouds form and goosebumps scatter across our skin. So, how do we dress for such temperamental weather and climates?

Summer Dresses And Fluffy Vests

When the sun’s out, many want to embrace the florals, whether they be pink flowers or more of a grungy black, grey and white. Yet, you wonder whether you could justify dresses when there is a chance of rain or a cloudy forecast. However, there is a way to get around such unreliable weather when you want to wear spring prints and floaty dresses and skirts. Wear a fluffy, thick sleeveless vest/coat that provides an extra barrier to the elements. If it gets too hot, then your arms will not suffer and you can avoid the constant shrugging off/putting back on dance too many of us perform.

Boots And Knee-High Socks

Boots offer variety. They can create a country-inspired, charming outfit, or provide an edgy persona. Either way, they are durable, come in all sorts of lengths and can provide extra coverage for your legs if you do not want to wriggle into a pair of tights. Therefore, boot cuffs and socks (BC&S) can provide both comfort, as well as a stylish alternative to tights. These are perfect for spring, cool summers, fall, and even winter — have a lacy boot cuff peeping out from your boots, overlaying plain grey or black tights. This can offer an effortless boho charm to most outfits.

Ripped Denim

Although the sight of bare legs is the first sign of summer, the transition can sometimes be daunting. If it is too cold for miniskirts and uncovered legs, but you find being completely wrapped up in denim is too warm, opt for ripped jeans. Not only does a ripped jean offer a relaxed vibe and makes your outfit look effortlessly cool, they allow breathability. Also, if you are feeling brave enough, try ripped denim shorts and pair them with thin barely black tights or knee-high socks or stockings.


Just in case the clouds break, keep a pair of sunglasses on the top of your head, hooked onto a loop of your jeans or the waistband of your skirt, or hanging from the collar of your t-shirt. Additionally, wear wide-brimmed hats or baseball caps, which are perfect for spring, summer, and fall and greatly compliment festivals and a day of sitting outside at a café, restaurant, or bar. A hat is an accessory, which can make an outfit, and offer a bohemian flair to your wardrobe. They are versatile and complement dresses, jeans, simple or vibrant tops, skirts, shorts, and are the perfect crown for long flowing locks.

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