Do CBD Components Help With Treating Heart Diseases?

May 1, 2017

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has released information on their website that substantiates the idea that cannabis has medical benefits. While this federal government agency has accepted marijuana as having therapeutic properties and there are several studies attesting to the benefit for many diseases when using safe 600mg CBD Oil.

There is one researcher, although, who is actively studying the relationship between elements of marijuana and heart failure. Heart failure occurs when the heart is not pumping blood as well as it should. When the heart cannot pump blood, the body does not receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function properly. The weakened heart cannot get the blood to all the cells that need it. The result is coughing, shortness of breath, and feeling excessively tired. Someone with heart failure may not be able to carry their purse or a bag of groceries as this could be overexerting themselves. Walking and climbing the stairs could also be very difficult.

Alexander Stokes, a Scientist, Professor, and Researcher at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, has acquired a patent for a plant-based remedy for heart disease. Stokes feels that cannabis may be able to activate a certain receptor that can make the heart work better without failing. This receptor is the same receptor that is activated by the compound in hot chili peppers called capsaicin. This is why you have heard people say cayenne pepper may be good for the heart. However, Stokes feels that cannabis agents may work just as good and could be easier to take.

The particular receptor targeted by the cannabis is TRPV1 and it is considered to be a primary element in heart failure’s development. There is a real need to figure out the mechanisms and start providing some alternatives for heart disease patients. One third of the deaths in the US are caused by heart disease. The risk factors include lifestyle issues such as having a poor diet, drinking alcohol, cigarette smoke, and not being active. Unfortunately, the process for drug development in the US takes a long time with the FDA requiring multiple clinical trials before anything is allowed to be marketed to public.

Some patients are using legal cannabis products like CBD Oil UK – The World’s Finest CBD Products Available to try to garner the benefits of cannabis without having an unnecessary high or psychoactive effect. Many patients using CBD rich hemp oil are reporting good results and documenting their experience for researchers. For these patients, they would say “yes!,” CBD oil products are helping with their heart disease and is keeping them from taking risks with smoking medical marijuana. One study found that the risk from smoking medical marijuana increased the risk for heart issues up to two hours after smoking. While that window is somewhat small, it does not seem like a trade-off someone with current heart disease should have to take. With work from researchers like Stokes, hopefully they will not have to wait much longer for additional options.

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    I have been using CBD oil for 5 years now and for me they have always been brilliant for reliability and great product every time.


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