Trendy And Edgy Women’s Styling Ideas For Halloween Parties

May 24, 2017

The month of October can be special for a few due to their birthdays, but most people across the globe recognize it to be the month of Halloween. Plenty of parties and preparatory activities keep the lady of the house busy. To top it all off she needs to find herself a suitable dress that goes well with the theme; from zombies, witches, wolves, Draculas, pirates, con women, fairy princesses, and what not. Halloween dresses are supposed to be fun, hence you can design it with a lot of creativity and happiness. In this era where the concept of beauty, fashion and style is changing frequently it is difficult to create a fixed protocol for Halloween dressing style. But given a choice, there are few do’s and don’ts, which will guide you through the selection of dress, hair, make-up, nail art ,and shoes to rock the Halloween parties!

Dress Up To Look Eerie But In Style

Unlike a normal get-together, Halloween is about spreading eeriness all around, so the dresses should be reflecting the style and match with the entire concept. If you are creating your masterpiece by yourself, choose a fabric that adds shimmer and has a slithering effect like leather, satin, silk, etc. while designing your dress. It can be mildly oversized and also not figure hugging with plenty of layers to increase the appeal. You can try to emulate the way of dressing of the witches and wizards of Hogwarts or Narnia in costumes and make everyone talk about your dress.

Accessorize To Boost The Fun Quotient

If you are dressing up for the party in a hurry, simply add an extra cape, a veil, an eye mask, and such other accessories that will compliment your long and flowing black dress and enter the party zone in style. Otherwise, if you are deciding to go for a little black dress, match the same with black bull horns or some weird hats bought using offers at SaveMyPocket that will add up the style quotient. Finding a costume partner or carrying a cat or an owl increases the fun element as you are completely under the skin of your character. Do not forget to match your costume with an appropriate, but comfortable shoe that will look creepiest to the core.

Try Out Messy Hair

Current trend in hair for women is to create an imperfect look. Any hair style can be made imperfect with a simple smudge of the comb, so that the hair looks frizzy and spread all over. Try out the different weird curls and spikes for your Halloween party by gelling the hair, as these are tailor-made styles for Halloween parties. Streaks of pink or dark green on the hair here and there will add more spookiness and fun quotient to your entire look.

Go For Darker Makeup Shades

Dark shades like black, blue, maroon, and blood red are the colors that are most suited for Halloween makeup, as these complete your get up. If you wish to look really daring and scary, you can add designs like a blood stain or a bad wound on your face through makeup bought availing the Nykaa offers. You can also create new stories with your eye designs. But all done, be sure to warn your kids beforehand, as they may end up crying looking at your hard done makeup.

Decorate Your Nails Creatively

Witches are scary and supposed to have long piercing nails. You can try weird color nail paints on your hand. Hence, along with your dress, hair, and makeup, do not forget to decorate your nails. The trend of 2017 is multi-shade nail painting, where the ring finger is colored with a contrast color. It is also time to show your creativity and imagination by drawing spooky designs on your nail, which surely will make you the center of attraction in the party. There are plenty of fake nails online here with embossing. Try them if you are a little short on time and creativity. 

Halloween is always a crazy fun filled night. Right from the theme to the dresses and to the tricks, keep the scare element intact, but within permissible limit. Do not hesitate to keep the costume simple, smart, and elegant. Just dress up as you like and enjoy the Halloween night to its best!

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