Five Ways To Make A Statement Piece Work In Your Home

June 20, 2017

If you have leafed through a home decor magazine recently, you will probably notice that no matter what trend or style they are following, interior designers follow the same design principles: placing one or two pieces of statement furniture in a room and designing the space around it. Embrace this sophisticated principle and make your own special piece stand out in a room with these five simple tips:

Find The Perfect Piece

If you are yet to find something that really piques your interest, then shop around until you find that perfect piece at a modern furniture store, locally or online. Do not choose a chair or table just because it is trendy — think about its purpose in your home. Is it comfortable to sit on? Will you use it every day? Think about the other pieces of furniture in your home it has to complement. After all, there is no point in investing in a piece of statement furniture if you are going to have to replace a room’s worth of stuff to match!

Let Your Piece Stand Out

Remember that everything is relative inside your room. If you want a piece of furniture to stand out, then you have to let it stand out by making other objects around it smaller and less ornate. Filling a room with statement pieces will just make your home seem cluttered and busy with no real design focus in mind. Place your key object in the center of the room, and if you are really looking for wow factor, try and make it the largest piece in a room, such as sofa, dining table, or bed.

Create Contrast

Another way to make a statement item shine is to contrast it with everything else. Juxtapose curved edges with hard, geometric lines, leather with fur, and dark metallics with cool marble. Let the hard and soft textures play off one another. You could also mix eras — an ultra-modern glass piece with an antique wood table together are much more interesting than as two separate pieces on their own.

Use The Rule Of Threes

It is one of the most enduring rules in home decorating that is still followed by designers today. You do not want to match everything in your home to establish a color theme, instead, choose three different elements or accent areas and give these a matching hue that relate back to your statement piece. A sparing use of color is more effective than a mishmash of different shades, and three pieces is generally enough to maintain a theme without appearing too busy.

Use Patterns

If you are using a statement piece with a pattern, it does not mean everything else in your home has to be plain. Take the plunge and mix up your patterns for a striking effect. Make sure the scale and design of your pattern is different, such as a pinstripe and a paisley, so your main pattern stands out and is not overwhelmed by a competing piece. Liven up your room and have fun, but remember to cast a critical eye over the finished product.

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