How To Dress Up Your Prized Hardwood Floors

July 5, 2017

Having hardwood floors is one of the best things that can happen to you and your home. They have a long life and a timeless charm. When living with wood floors, you need to know how to dress your home according to seasons. Hardwood floors have a naturally warm look.

Hardwood Floors In Modern Homes

Most modern homes have open floor plans. This allows natural light and air to flow freely throughout the house. This kind of architecture avoids all sorts of seams and blocks in space. You can forget awkward pillars and obstruct dividers. You need to make sure that your floor design is as smoothly flowing as most of the space in and around a room. You need to keep your flooring smooth and consistent. This also makes your hardwood floor easy to clean and maintain.

You can easily create the sense of space and segregation by varying the color of the rooms. Hardwood floors look good in dark finishes. The dark color also hides the dirt and scratches, which means that you will need less floor cleaning. This has one disadvantage. During the seasons with less light, the rooms can appear darker without artificial lighting even in the daytime. You can soften the ambiance with a rug.

Layer It With Rugs Of Lighter Colors

Layering rugs also increase the longevity of the hardwood floors. This prevents scuff marks from regular use of chairs, tables, and stools. People also feel more comfortable walking on the softer ground inside their homes. This is also the modern designer’s favorite way to define sitting spaces, work desks, and accent furniture into a cohesive story.

Do Not Match, Mix

If your new home has hardwood flooring, you can try juxtaposing it with neo-modern furniture. The elements of eclectic aesthetics with traditional hardwood tones make a beautiful composition. The addition of start minimal storage systems and streamlined hardware completes the drama.

The one trend the leading company of hardwood flooring Chicago strongly advises against is seamless matching. This has already been one and dusted within the early 90’s. You need to think outside the box. You do not need wood tones to match. If your furniture and your wooden flooring match perfectly, it will create a rather uncomfortable dull flow of color that has no sense of space.

Let There Be Light

If your home has long stretches of dark floors, you should think of pulling natural light in smart ways. You can include skylights or French windows. All glass walls are a great option for modern homes with an expansive yard or front lawn. If that is not possible, you can try repainting a wall white and using intelligent lighting to illuminate it. The best way to add a dash of natural light and color is to add statement pieces of furniture in pop colors in important positions inside the space.

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