Five Surefire Ways To Add Value To Your Home

July 5, 2017

Adding and preserving your house’s value should not be a primary concern if you are not planning to move in the next five years. But if you do, then you need to make sure that your renovation goals are aimed toward preserving and enhancing your house’s worth along with increasing practicality and comfort, while keeping costs to the minimum. Here are five surefire ways to achieve this rather tricky looking ambitious goal:

Start With The Basics

Basics might get overlooked, but they are the most cost-effective ways of uplifting the whole genre of the house. Instead of investing heavily on redesigning of the living room, kitchen, and outdoor landscape, start with the walls and the windows. Getting vinyl and decals can give a hip new look if done right, and same goes with covering your windows creatively. They will not break the bank and will revive the living space.

Also, if you are into classic looks, go with wallpapers instead of paint. You can have limitless options with wallpapers nowadays, so you do not have to restrict yourself to classic chic look, if that is not your taste.

Enhance The Kitchen

Moving on to the beating heart of the house, the kitchen. You need to tread carefully as costs can add up rather quickly if you go for remodeling (as high as $80,000), so it is wiser to add artistic touchups here and there.

If your space and budget allows for it, you can go with wooden floor, a bar style kitchen table, and concealed twin door subzero fridge and oven setup. Our pro tip is to avoid remodeling and restructuring and adding color; you can add the oomph factor without the pricy tables and latest gadgetry. Just follow the theme of the house and be minimalistic, as kitchens are usually already cluttered and do not need heavy tables and chairs.

Spend On Essentials

Air conditioners and washing (laundry and dish both) amenities are a must. They not only make the home holistic and comfortable, but also add to its resale value. Investing a bit extra on split units and heavier washers will save you much in installation, repair, and warranty costs. Also, with split inverters, you do not have to spend extra on heating equipment.

Paying Attention To Bathrooms

This most private part of the house is also the most visited one and might be in more need of a makeover than other areas. Be mindful not to restructure and go with remodeling, as messing with pipework can get tricky and expensive. The best way of uplifting your bathroom is installing vanities; though a bit pricier than regular sinks, but their style and practicality make them unmatched. Also, swap positions of other amenities to liven up the space, try ditching the never-used bathtub with an open shower cabinet.

Lighten The Theme

The final tip is to better incorporate lighting into the theme of your house. You can achieve this by tastefully using string lights and adding multiple points for lightings. Furthermore, use light colors in interiors; this will not only bring an airy, light feel to the interior, but will also give prominence to color wherever you ought to use that.

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