Interior Decor: Arranging Furniture And Making Rooms Comfortable

June 29, 2017

Knowing where to place your furniture is an important element of interior decorating. Furniture placement affects comfort, functionality, and appearance. While preparing to arrange furniture, get rid of clutter and clear your space. Comfortable rooms are inviting spaces that are characterized by warmth and ease of use.


The first step is planning in regards to what you want your space to look like and how you will use it. Take measurements of everything that will affect the way you arrange your furniture. Proper planning will prevent situations where you are constantly moving heavy pieces around until you can accommodate them. Measuring everything first is critical when planning your space.

Arrangement Options

Create a visual image of the room and the pieces according to the measurements. This will enable you to start practicing arrangements and determine your ideal furniture arrangement. Planning software is available for making it easier to plan for your rooms with options that allow you to try out different arrangements, sizing, styles, and color schemes.

Focal Point

Determine the focal point of your room, depending on how you plan to use the room. The focal point of the living room may be the entertainment center or a fireplace, while a table can serve as the focal point of a dining room. Most of the furniture that you place in the room will ideally be around the focal point.

Make sure that this point is located at the most suitable spot in the space. It should be prominent as soon as walk in to ensure that the eye is instantly drawn to it. Place accessories around the areas of focus, such as side tables by the bed or above the television. Visit Fulcrum Custom Builders here.

Furniture Sizing

Furniture items are usually available in a range of sizes and it is important to pick the ones that can fit in your space. There should always be an adequate amount of space between the objects in the room in order for you to be able to use them.

With a clear focal point, you will be able to add appropriate seating and leave enough space for functionality. Larger pieces should be fewer than small pieces to prevent the room from looking crowded.

Space Utility

While arranging furniture, make sure the room appears open and spacious when you stand at the door or entrance. Create enough distance between furniture to avoid placing pieces either too close or far apart from each other.


Consider lighting and the surfaces that you can use to place lamps and lights that will make the room useable. Lighting should be placed strategically to ensure that all the areas of the room are lit, as well as making all the outlets accessible.


Leave clear paths between pieces to avoid blockage and ease movement around the room. Before you start arranging items you need to think about how people will move thorough the space and whether some things may be in the way.

Barriers that make it harder to move from one place to the next should be moved or dived. Furniture also provides a way to separate larger spaces and this should be thought about during the early stages of decorating.

William Wane is a freelance editor and writer. He has previously worked in digital marketing and media strategy campaigns. He enjoys reading and cooking during his free time. Visit the site for more information about Fulcrum Custom Builders.

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