Millennials And Community Living

July 5, 2017

Millennials born between 1980 to about 2000 embrace different trends when it comes to real estate, careers, and politics as compared to corporate baby boomers. Stereotypically, that demographic went to a 9 to 5 job, created a nest egg, and complained about it at dinner every night. This was a little bit of satire, but there is definitely some reality to it.

Millennials And Their Outlook On Community

As a whole, it has been documented that Millennials are less interested in consumption and more about gaining experiences. Additionally, they are mainly looking to simplify their lives and reduce distractions. There is no better way of gaining experiences than living amongst others in a type of social community of like-minded people.

Humans as a whole are social beings and our identity, our health, and our future selves are intrinsically dependent on the social system we accept. Influences and standards within a community can have a huge impact on the decisions one make in their own life.

Living in a social community amongst others with same interests allows you to not only gain from the knowledge of others and enjoy a safety net, while motivating you, making you happier, and creating a sense of wellbeing and balance. It can even help in career networking as well.

Those who are more singular can feel isolation, have fewer people to rely on, and may have fewer employment opportunities, but Millennials are proving creative at overcoming isolation.

How To Be More Social

Millennials are paving the way for many different options in building their own communities across the world. “Digital Nomads,” who may live and work remotely, however interact with a broader community, as they share housing across the globe, plan inclusive globetrotting with whole communities that last months on end, and also embrace themed communities based on shared interests such as surfing or yoga.

Some Millennials work for companies that offer large campuses with amenities that provide opportunities to refresh themselves by socializing onsite, but most people want some space from work.

Full-Service Housing

Another way more entrepreneurial Millennials are relating to others is by embracing housing that offers similar opportunities for social interaction. As many people do not want to be tied down by real estate, they often rent housing options such as the apartments in Belmont CA and the Village apartments that provide a great place for social and community gatherings by offering rooftop terraces, courtyards, gyms, yoga studios, spas, tanning salons, and swimming pool areas. There may also be built-in dog parks and pet washing stations, along with tech centers and libraries. To promote and facilitate resident get togethers and offer space for personal gatherings, buildings contain upgraded versions of what used to be called a party or community room.

Especially convenient for those who work at home, these amenities replace the need for busy residents to seek these services in the larger community. Convenience makes paying higher rents worth it for the busy Millennials. Having such services on site makes rents higher, but Millennials do not mind paying for what they need.

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