The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

July 30, 2017

While you can and should wear any sunglass that takes your fancy, yes even the heart shaped ones and the one with wipers on the lens, you have a better chance at being comfortable and protecting your eyes with the right sunglasses for your face. Also, let us not forget, to add a cool vibe to your entire look. Even gamers who need gaming glasses to block out the blue rays from their gaming screens and protect their eyes from straining too much. To start off with, determine what the shape of your face is below. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Oval: this shape is slim and long and has a forehead that is broader than the chin.
  • Square: the jawline and forehead are almost the same breath and there is a sense of strength in the jaw.
  • Heart: the difference between the broad forehead and narrow chin is stark and apparent.
  • Round: here, the length and width are more or less the same and the face is soft, not pointed in any angle.

Once you have figured out the shape of your face, you can then decide what works best for you!


This is one of those face shapes that can be adorned with any sunglass. Whether it is the John Lennon round frames, the wayfarers, or the cat eye; the oval carries everything off with style. Since it is normally a thin face and most probably has slim features, make sure that you stay away from large, chunky frames. They can make your face disappear. Also, do not think about wide frames, as this will leave a huge space between the side of your face and the glasses. For oval, it is better to stick with a well-fitting frame.


Squares go great with rounds. If you have a nice strong face, then go in for some round frames to balance it all out. Curved corners or rounded ends give your face a good shape. The rule is that the frames must stretch beyond the broadest part of your face. The bigger the face, the bigger the frame. This creates a neat silhouette and brings about some softness to the face. Rounded shape of the frame is important-avoid angles. Clubmasters go well with this look, especially for the men.


Since the aviator is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, it goes well with the heart-shaped face. But do remember, that you need a particular size based on your features. Large features need large frames, delicate features need smaller aviators.


Square goes with circle. Look for square frames or wayfarers to give your gorgeous face some definition. Don’t choose small circular frames because they do not help to create angles.

When it comes to men’s faces, the shapes are a tad different. An oblong face is well complemented by narrow frames, a diamond shaped face goes beautifully with an old fashioned rectangular frame, and a triangular face can be further enhanced with a cool pair of aviators.

Do try your sunglasses before your buy them. Also, take other things into consideration as well, the color of your skin and hair, the length of your tresses, how you normally wear your hair — up or down  — and what you will need the sunglasses for the most. You really ca not go wrong with the iconic designs and you should be willing to spend some money on great quality. Your eyes will thank you for it!

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