How To Design Your House With Toddlers

August 4, 2017

Kids do not like a clean house, that is for sure! No matter how much effort you put in cleaning your living room or your bedroom, it will eventually end up being a great mess. It will only result in you being angry at your kids.

Obviously, it will do you no good, because they just will not stop. They will keep doing it for years. So, what precautions should you take to maintain the decorum of your house?

Here are a few features you would like to adopt if you are fed up of cleaning the same things all day long:

Sofas In Your Living Room

You must have sofas in your living room and they would have cushions too. Beware, kids do not like cushions decently kept on those sofas.

They will try their level best to pull them off whenever they get a chance. And guess what, as soon as they create a real mess, you will have guests around. It will ultimately embarrass you considering the situation is happening in your living room.

To avoid such an embarrassment, you can have fixed cushion sofas. Rather than buying a sofa and cushions separately, you can purchase fixed cushion sofas. This way, there will be less mess in your living area.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a good choice when it comes to babies and kids. Once your baby is growing older, you will be watching him or her spill countless things on the floor. Rather than being heartbroken on a destroyed floor, you can have vinyl flooring, which can be cleaned easily.

There is not much effort needed to clean and then your wood will also be kept undestroyed. Vinyl flooring is the best choice one can make because they last a pretty long time.

Semi Gloss Paint

Semi-gloss paint is also an effective way to maintain the decency of your house. As your kids will be growing old, they will start liking pens and paints. They will not leave a chance to grab a pen and start with their masterpiece.

You will witness some artworks along the walls, as your kid will be reaching a good age. In this phase, semi gloss paint is beneficial because it can wash off marks very easily.

Rounded Furniture

Rounded furniture is another thing you should bring into consideration. Children in their growing age have a habit to get themselves involved in every major and minor place.

They will not think for once whether they fit that place or not, they will just go about it. Rounded furniture is a help in this case, because many children get hurt while they are on an adventure.

Instead of having serious injuries, you can have safe furniture around the house.

Remake Some Corners

Kids who are about 4 to 6 years old tend to involve themselves with everything you will be doing. Sometimes they do look cute, but the other times you will just feel like eating them away. You can remake some corners of your house to build kids’ counter.

They can keep all their belongings there and play whenever they want. This way they will also learn how to organize their things in a better way.

Also, while you fill up their counter, make sure you do not put any dangerous item, which can hurt them in the long run.

Avoid keeping glass decorations around your house, because they will not last long. One push and they are all gone. Once again, instead of crying for your favorite decorations, you can put up wall hangings and similar things which are out of reach of your kids. Since there will be no decorations, it will not cause breakage.

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  1. Pihu

    Superb ideas suggest by Andi. I would definitely change the position of furniture of my home. Thank you Andi for this beautiful post.


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