Growing A Reliable Email List For Marketing Purposes: How Can It Be Done?

October 26, 2017

Growing an email list is a big task, especially when it comes to building one that has real and relevant contacts. You could purchase an already compiled list, but you never know what you are going to get. Email marketing is classed as a “dead digital marketing method” to some online entrepreneurs out there, but there are still ways you can take advantage of it to create killer marketing campaigns. To do that, though, you need a reliable email list, and here are some tips to help you get one:

Bribe Your Audience

Alright, so bribing your audience is probably a step too far, but there are strategies you can implement to “entice them” instead. When it comes to building a list, your subscribers are going to want something of interest to them. Many online marketers offer free eBooks or how-to guides if someone subscribes to their email list — and it is proven to be one of the most valuable ways of building a useful list.

Take Advantage of Email Finders

You do not just want any email in your list, it is crucial you have emails that are related to your industry. Therefore, taking advantage of an email finder like will give you a great advantage. Such tools will help you build lists with an audience that is instantly interested in the content you offer. As always, ensure your emails are informative and helpful and they contain something that is interesting to the end-user.

Ask Your Subscribers To Share Your Content

One of the best ways to build a reliable email list is to get your subscribers to share your content in the hope that their friends and family will follow suit. You will need high-quality and engaging content to achieve this, but it is one of the most effective methods, especially if you already have a handful of subscribers. If you want to automate the process to send bulk emails to your subscribers, I recommend you to use EngageBay’s marketing automation tool designed for this purpose.

Bombard Your Readers With Multiple Sign Up Forms

Granted, you do not want to ruin a reader’s experience, but it is possible to display multiple forms, so they always know they can subscribe to your content whenever they want. Most online marketers choose to have a form on their frontpage, and many others have one displayed at the end of each article to make it easy for readers to find. Popup forms are sometimes irritating, thus it wise not to use this strategy if you want your readers to naturally sign up.

Show Your Readers What You Already Have 

Another effective method to get sign ups is to show your readers how many subscribers you already have. Many marketers choose to display such statistics next to their sign-up forms. We all live in an age where many people follow others, so entertaining this idea could prove to be an excellent choice.

Building an email list could provide you with an effective way to market your content and gain new subscribers. It is a method used by many online businesses in order to advertise their products and services for a fraction of the cost. Take advantage of the above tips to build your email list and you will end up with one that can take your business further.

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